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HiSilicon released its latest 4K AI SoC Hi3519AV100

HiSilicon has released its latest 4K AI SoC Hi3519AV100 targeting in the mid-range surveillance market. Hi3519AV100 is based on the 12nm TSMC process supporting 4K60fps capability of codec. The computing power could achieve maximum 2Tops after integrated with high performance xNNIE engine. It can also provide different application platforms for clients with the assistance of vDSP. Regarding to the image aspect, Hi3519AV100 can support maximum 5 channels input integrating 2 channel 3Kx3K or 4 channel 1080P stitching algorithm. It is designed to be a high performance algorithm platform based on visual.

  • Dual Core A53@1.4GHz Processor / VP6 DSP@630MHz

  • xNNIE 2Tops Neutral Network Computing Performance

  • 4K@60FPS Codec, 4-channel sensor input and stitching

  • GE interface support TSO

  • USB3.0,PCIe2.0,SDIO3.0