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HiSilicon Empowering SmartHome by Releasing 8K + AI + HomeBus solution

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 14th] IBC2019 – At the world’s leading media, entertainment and technology show, HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd, a world-leading fabless IC Semiconductor Company, will be demonstrating an industry first “AI + 8K + HomeBus” solution, from 13th - 17th September, 2019 in Hall 2 A49, RAI, Amsterdam.

Based on a clear understanding of the future trends and development opportunities of the video industry, we fully believe that the video industry is gradually evolving from information-led to a new level of intelligence. And in this increasingly intelligent society, people have to face Smart Home challenges including Non-Unified Standards, Unsatisfactory Connectivity, and an Absence of, or Limited AI. To resolve these challenges, HiSilicon has been discussing these issues with its industry partners, and is calling for a unified communications standard for the Smart Home industry and ecosystem with an assured level of quality of experience, all these challenges fully addressed based on unified standards, full connectivity and AI capabilities.

During IBC 2019, HiSilicon has released the industry's first HomeBus Solution to resolve high-speed and high-reliability connectivity problems throughout the home, the first 8K@120fps Ultra-HD Video and Voice Platform, with HEVE or AVS3 video decoding, to provide the ultimate visual experience and a Full-Stack and Full-scenario AI Portfolio, with high computing power from 20MPOS to 20TOPS, but with low power consumption, to support Smart Home appliances. HiSilicon will be dedicated to enabling and empowering Smart Home Solutions through the ultimate audio-visual experience with 8K@120fps, high efficient interaction, full connectivity and full-stack all scenario of powerful AI capabilities. We are looking forward to cooperating with global customers and partners to start a new chapter of smart home, expanding the complete chain value and achieving win-win outcomes with the whole industry.

Interview video link, which comes from the official release of IBC2019


IBC is held in RAI Exhibition Center, Amsterdan from Spetember 13 to 17, 2019.

For more information about HiSilicon's, please visit: http://www.hisilicon.com/