Set Top Box

Market Overview

As a renowned international company, HiSilicon is dedicated to helping Set-top box Manufacturers and Operators achieve business success in the premium Video industry. We are able to provide end to end chipset solutions thanks to our highly talented workforce and its impressive ability to integrate the required global advanced technologies.

For more than ten years, HiSilicon has played a significant role in accelerating Video industry innovation. We devote ourselves to providing customer-oriented solutions with optimised picture quality using our extensive experience of image processing. HiSilicon is leading the way from full high definition, 4K ultra high definition to 8K ultra high definition and even more in the future.

HiSilicon's chipsets and solutions are sold to a number of industry leading Set-top box Manufacturers who support Operators in implementing a variety of value-added businesses and services, such as broadcasting, VOD, PVR, multi video distribution, video phone, VR (virtual reality)/AR (augmented reality)/360 degree panoramic video, visual entrance control, domestic surveillance and so on. The whole products and solutions range includes optical access, home network connectivity, home gateway, set-top-box, dongle etc. We support a variety of middleware, advanced CAS(conditional access systems), DRMS (digital rights management systems), and Linux, Android and TVOS operating systems.

HiSilicon is a core member of TVOS, AVS, China-DRM, MPEG, ITU, IEEE, HEVC standard organisations, and has already accomplished a mass of positive contributions towards the development of the Video industry.

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Technology Highlight
  • Broadcast-level picture quality standard

  • Flexible encoding and decoding algorithms and optimal stream compatibility (AVS 2.0/HEVC/VP9/MPEG4/2/H.264, 4KP60/2KP60)

  • Support Full 4K

  • Carrier-grade communication capability

  • Multiple TS inputs and outputs, video distribution and transcoding

  • Support for the Android, TVOS, and Linux operating systems

  • Super security specifications, various security features

  • Passive standby, low power consumption