• HiSilicon's Advanced DRC is the latest dynamic range compression technology. It comprehensively improves the dynamic range, enhances local contrast, and enhances the brightness of backlight face. It has great effect on wide dynamic scenes and infrared scenes.

  • At the same time, AE module provides the dynamic range value of scene, which can be used to judge the dynamic range of scene. Then sceneauto program can dynamically adjust DRC, AE, gamma and other parameters for better adaptability of scenes. The 3DNR refers to MG statistics for better denoising adaptability.



  • HiSilicon's Advanced WDR is the latest WDR technology . It improves the detail extraction ability and wide dynamic brightness processing ability of DRC, thus realizing more compression of bright area and more enhancement of brightness of backlight area and more detail retention..

  • Advanced WDR combines ISP local contrast processing modules(Defog curve is used in WDR mode to suppress the brightness of high-brightness area, enhance local contrast.) and powerful 3DNR X,C interface. It makes the dynamic range significantly improved, the overall scene is clearer, more hierarchical. It can catch all the details you need in high dynamic range scenes.



  • HiSilicon's 8-Stage 3DNR is the latest denoising technology . It utilizes the 8-Stage filter denoising engine embedded in the chip. Compared with the general 4-Stage filter, it can realize the image denoising and enhancement simultaneously in the spatial-domain filtering process, as well as the blending of two different temporal modes in the temporal-domain filtering process. 8-Stage 3DNR also contains two IE modules for detail enhancement and one Sharpen module. Therefore, the 8-Stage 3NDR can achieve stronger denoising, stronger detail preservation and detail enhancement. Therefore, compared to our previous versions, the 8-Stage 3DNR is able to achieve clearer and sharper image quality in the static image area, on the other hand, it also has the capability to generate the clearer image quality for moving objects and in extreme low light conditions.


Smart Vision

  • HiSilicon's Smart Vision Platform (SVP) proposes an innovative heterogeneous computing architecture that fuses application-specific hard-wired accelerators (HWA) with programmable processors. The HWA implement commonly used algorithms with the highest efficiency, while the integrated processors schedule HWA and perform application specific add-on functionality by software.

  • The processing unit includes both scalar and vector processing capabilities with very long application-specific instruction words, and allows easy extension to wider computing capacity in a multi-instance manner.

  • SVP provides an API framework that is compatible with industry specifications for heterogeneous systems while different API levels meet the needs of differently experienced developers.



HiSilicon's next-generation ISP technologies achieve another milestone in the road of pursuing fidelity, perfection and professionalism.


  • Support up to 36M@30fps processing capability.

  • Next-generation 3A and image enhancement technology faithfully reproduce color and reveal details.

  • Unique WDR technology and multi-stage noise reduction algorithm ensure a reproduction of the real world consistent with human vision perception even under lowlight, highlight, and backlight environments.


  • Support 4K@120fps processing with 14-bit input and 10-bit output.

  • Support up to 8-channel sensor inputs and real-time 360° video stitching.

  • 6 DoF video stabilization technology ensures that users can perfectly capture the wonderful moments in life, even under severe shooting conditions.

Post processing


Hi-Imprex Video Processing Engine

  • Video de-interlacing and de-noising technologies, supporting various image resolutions, codec, and video formats, de-noise videos over internet and provide clean, smooth and stable video contents for better user experience.

  • 3D-adaptive video sharpness and scaling technologies preserve sharp and smooth edges while keeping image details more natural.

  • 3D color management and image processing for wide-gamut display include global and region-dynamic contrast enhancement, as well as adaptive image processing for various panel display adaptations to achieve natural video display.

  • The patented Hi-SuperClear engine, reconstructs 4K/8K resolution videos from lower resolutions by extracting and analyzing image micro-structures and their self-similarities for a significantly enhanced visual experience.


Video Codec

HiVXE Video Encoding/Decoding Engine

  • HiSilicon has been dedicated to video codec development for more than 10 years. Its IP cores have been successfully used in surveillance, set-top box, digital TV, and smart phone products.

  • It is the first IC company to bring true hardware HEVC/H.265 encoders to the surveillance industry. By using the most advanced algorithms, HiSilicon's HEVC/H.265 encoders achieved superior rate efficiency for all bands of high, mid, and low bit rates. With integrated HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 encoding solutions, HiSilicon continues to improve the compression performance and effectively balance the chip cost, power consumption, and compression efficiency to bring the best values to our customers.



HiRealMotion MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) Engine

  • HiSilicon's unique MEMC algorithm, the Hi-RealMotion image processing system, provides an artifacts-free, smooth, and clear immersive experience for movie lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

  • HiSilicon's unique MEMC algorithm, the Hi-RealMotion image processing system (third generation), interpolates one or multiple frames between two original frames, up-converting the film and video from 24fps/25fps/30fps to 50/60/100/120fps. The output video will be clearer, smoother, judder-free, and will have no motion blur.
  • HiSilicon's Hi-RealMotion has dedicated De-Halo and high-speed motion capture technology to eliminate all halo around moving objects, maintaining smooth and judder-free experiences in (for example) chasing, running, or fighting scenes.

  • HiSilicon's Hi-RealMotion optimizes dark scenes, subtitles, balls in films, network television series, sports, etc.



HiHDR Video Processing Engine

  • High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut, Compared with traditional SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) video, HDR can provide more details in bright and dark areas as well as richer and more accurate color presentation, making a more realistic visual experience of the real world.

  • HiSilicon provides end-to-end HDR solution including video capturing, transportation (compression and decompression), and display, and supports most of the mainstream HDR standards such as HDR10. HiSilicon HDR transportation provides a 10-bit HEVC/H.265 encoder and decoder implemented in hardware.

  • The capturing subsystem consists of advanced technologies such as multi-exposure and image fusion, state-of-the-art HDR sensors, and dynamic tone mapping to best preserve the details.


Audio codec & processing

  • HiSilicon's audio decoders support all mainstream audio standards, including Dolby Atoms, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 and 7.1, Dolby MS12, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, MP3, AAC, etc. HiSilicon's audio decoders also support robust bitstream compatibility and error resilience.

  • Sound Post-Processing Engine: HiSilicon's unique SWS 3.0 (Super Wide Sound) advanced sound engine technology provides virtual surround sound, virtual bass, dialogue enhancement, and automatic volume control. Customers will be able to enjoy a home theater audiovisual experience in their own living rooms.

  • Speech Enhancement Engine: HiSilicon's Speech Enhancement Engine supports a flexible set of algorithms, including full-duplex echo cancellation, dynamic noise suppression, far-end signal enhancement, etc. The speech enhancement algorithms deliver clear voice signals even in the noisiest environments, enabling the customer to have a natural conversation.