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HiSilicon Announces K3V2 Quad-core Application Processor
Barcelona – February 26, 2012 – HiSilicon Technologies today announced its high performance mobile application processor(AP) K3V2 for smartphone and tablet. K3V2 is a quad-core processor with 4 ARM CortexTM A9 cores, a 16-core super GPU and 64-bit memory system. According to the benchmark test result, K3V2 is the fastest application processor both in CPU and GPU.
Huawei's newly announced flagship, Ascend D quad, is the first smartphone based on HiSilicon K3V2 AP.
“Mobile computing enters a dramatic age. People will spend more and more time in mobile device and they hope to transfer all experience in PC to mobile device.” said Jerry Su, chief architect and senior director of mobile processor of HiSilicon Technologies. “That drives mobile CPU and GPU of mobile application processor to reach higher performance. K3V2 has been focusing on the best user experience in APPs, Web Browsing, Gaming, Video, Sound and also battery life. We designed an ultra-low power and high performance 4-core CPU and 16-core GPU architecture. In order to improve battery life, we designed an A.I.PS (Artificial Intelligence Power Scaling) mechanism in K3V2, which can manage the number of working cores and the status of CPU and GPU automatically by hardware. We believe K3V2 will be the best choice for high performance mobile device. You can try this on Huawei Ascend D quad.”
HiSilicon will also announce its smartphone/tablet platform solution based on K3V2 AP, Balong710 LTE multi-mode modem, and Android 4.0 ICS software package in the coming MWC.