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The right silicon for your Network Video solutions
Hi3510 Network Video solutions
H.264 Codec at D1 resolution
Highly-integrated SoC solution at low BOM cost (multi-core architecture: ARM + DSP + Video accelerator)
Auto-adapted image compression rate according to bandwidth vibration
(16Kbps-3Mbps), high coding efficiency at low bit-rates under low network storage requirement

Hi3510 Key Features

CPU Core
·ARM926EJ-S, 16 KB instruction cache and 16 KB data cache
·Built-in 16 KB instruction tightly-coupled RAM and 8 KB data tightly-coupled RAM
·32-bit RISC processor in the Harvard structure
·DSP enhanced structure, embedded with 32×16 MAC
·Java hardware accelerator
·Built-in MMU to support multiple open operating systems
·Up to 240 MHz operation frequency
DSP Core
·Three ALUs (One is 40 bits, the other two are 16 bits)
·Eight-level pipeline design
·4-issue super scaler architecture and dual-MAC structure
Video Encoding and Decoding
·H.264 baseline profile@Level 2.2
·H.263+ video encoding and decoding
·H.261 video encoding and decoding
·PEG encoding to support mega-pixel resolution
Video Processing
·Up to 30fps@CIF synchronous encoding and decoding
·Resolution up to D1
·Motion detection
·16 kbit/s3 Mbit/s data bandwidth
Graphics Processing
·Video scaling
·A video layer, two graphic layers and a hardware cursor
·Noise reduction and enhanced image
·De-interlace processing
·2D graphic accelerator to support games and rich graphic interface
Audio Encoding and Decoding
·The DSP core implements the audio/voice encoding and decoding.
Security Engine
·Various hardware encryption algorithms, such as AES/DES/3DES
·Digital water-mark technology
Ethernet Switching Interfaces
·Support for identifying and forwarding broadcast frames, IP multicast frames, and two types of programmable frames
·Support for IEEE 802.1p output priority configuration and 802.1Q VLAN processing
·One MDIO interface
Video Interfaces
·Input interface supports:
- ITU-R BT.656/601 YCrCb 4:2:2, 8 bits.
- Direct digital camera
- Raw DATA
·Output interface supports:
- ITU-R BT.656/601 YCrCb 4:2:2, 8 bits
- 24-bit digital LCD, in the RGB/YCbCr format
Audio Interfaces
·Two I2S audio interfaces, each input/output interface has two channels.
·16-bit sampling accuracy, with configurable sampling rate
·PCM interface
Peripheral Interfaces
·Two USB1.1 Host interfaces, supporting low-speed and full-speed
·Two UARTs, I2C interface, and SSP/SPI interface
·GPIO and keyboard interface
External Memory Interfaces
·16-bit DDR SDRAM interface
·32-bit SDRAM interface
·8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit external static RAM interface
·8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit external expansion bus interface
Physical Specifications
·Typical consumption: 600mW (in DVS and IP Camera)
·Multi-level power-saving mode
·Technology: 0.13μm
·Supply voltage: 1.25/2.5/3.3 V
·Package: 400 pin LFBGA
·Ball pitch: 0.8mm
·Package size: 19mm×19mm×36mm
·Operating Temperature: -25℃~+70℃

Block Diagram

Network Surveillance          
Video Communication Terminal     

Network Surveillance Solution - IP Camera

IP Camera Features:
H.264 high compression, low bit-rate video CODEC, supports CBR and VBR.
JPEG shooting with mega-pixel pels, supports configurable image quality and resolution.
SPI, USB interfaces, including WiFi, GPRS, Edge, CDMA wireless connection.
Multi-mode surveillance, including motion detecting and alarm trigger.

Security Surveillance Solution – DVS

DVS Features:
H.264 video and audio arithmetic.
Supports D1, Half D1, CIF, 4 channel CIF coding modes.
Supports configurable bit-rate and frame-rate, VBR & CBR mode.
Supports DES/3DES.
Dual-stream video supports local storage at D1 resolution and transmits high quality CIF
real time images at 384K bps.
Adapts to LAN, WAN, CDMA and GPRS, constructs easily and rapidly the whole network.

Network Surveillance Solution - DVR

DVR Features:
Single-chip Hi3510 supports 4-channel encoding at CIF resolution.
Transmitting CIF image @6 fps at  32K bps bandwidth.
Dual-stream video supports local storage and playback function.
Supports CDMA network video transmission.
Supports manual REC, timing REC, alarm REC modes.

Video Communication Solution - Video Phone

Video Phone Features:
supports H.323 and SIP protocols.
Echo cancellation,labial sounds synchronization,DHMF detection.
Supports mix-audio,conference call.
Supports PSTN communication.
Supports audio codec:G711a/u,G.723.1,G.726,G.729

Video Communication Solution - Video Door Phone

Video Door Phone Features:
Supports echo cancellation, labial sounds synchronization
and noise suppression.
Supports H.264 real time at CIF resolution.
SPI extensible touch screen, easily operated.
Supports motion detection, applying for family security surveillance.

Digital Entertainment Solution - H.DVR

H.DVR Features:
Recording TV/DVD video and audio into a media file, stored in memory card.
Coding format: H.264/H.263 for Video, AAC/AMR-NB for Audio.
File format: 3GP, ASF.
Supports QCIF/QVGA/CIF/VGA resolution @15fps/30fps.
Supports PAL(25fps) and NTSC (15fps/30fps) input/output.
Supports SD/SDHC/MMC/T-Flash/Micro/Mini SD card(32MB to 4GB).

Digital Entertainment Solution - H.Box

H.Box Features:
High integration H.264 image  compression suitable for network application.
Remote Video Resource sharing.
Supports one TV Cable Channel (fixed) plus 3 configurable video channels inputting.
Watching  home located media devices (DVD, STB etc.) on Internet-connected mobile phone and PC.
Bite rate and Frame rate auto-adjustment function enable the smooth video quality .