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Wireless Terminal
Wireless & Fixed Network
Nerwork Access Terminal
Wireless & Fixed Network
Power the network
Ubiquitous broadband networks allow people to enjoy rich and seamless communication experiences anytime, anywhere. Our innovative ASIC technologies lay a solid foundation for smooth network evolution and user experience optimization, ensuring a sustainable growth of the telecom industry.

Wireless Network Chipset Solutions

High performance wireless networking chipsets support smooth evolution of 3GPP family of standards to achieve industry-leading specifications for single-RAN capacity (1536CE BBU) and the largest single module carrier number (8 carrier) 
Through integrating high-performance wireless algorithm, we achieve the leading position in key indicators such as peak rate, wireless interface traffic throughput rate, etc.

Fixed Network Chipset Solutions
Datacom: Huawei’s market share ranked top 3 in the world and top 1 in the domestic new market

Full series of carrier-grade IP processing and traffic management chipset for 100G&200G line card; Full series of switching ASICs for 6.4T chasis capacity, and can be expanded to 80T 

Optical: Huawei’s ranked #1 in the world, and is continuously improving its global share Full series of OTN, MSTP, RTN chipset, featuring 100G line card processing and 1 Terabit/s switch on a single chip, and enabling 6.4T capacity per chasis and carrier-grade transport 

End-to-End GPON/EPON dual model ASICs for OLT&MxU&ONT

supporting the largest OLT capacity, carrier-grade OAM

High performance ONT bridge and gateway SoC