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Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) uses sensors placed inside and outside the vehicle to obtain real-time environment information, identify and track static and moving objects, and perform systematic computing and analysis, making driving safer and more efficient. ADAS is closely linked to improvements in driving safety, and will serve as a driving force for autonomous driving solutions. However, visual perception and predictive reliability within existing ADAS systems is far from perfect.

  • Susceptible to environmental interference

    Susceptible to environmental interference

    Camera-based visual capabilities are easily undermined by harsh conditions, such as rain, snow, and low light environments.

  • Inaccurate perception

    Inaccurate perception

    Ranging accuracy and sensor efficiency tend to be insufficient.


The HiSilicon ADAS solution provides a range of high-performance heterogeneous computing units, including the network processing unit (NPU), digital signal processor (DSP), intelligent video engine (IVE), data processing unit (DPU), and CPU. With the 24/7 image signal processor (ISP) and the 4K camera system (single-, dual-, and triple-camera systems are supported), our ADAS is able to obtain information from its surroundings, as well as detect and analyze the various traffic participants in real time. Our ADAS then uses fusion and perception to deliver a wide range of functions, including forward collision warnings (FCW), advanced emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warnings (LDW), intelligent speed limit information (ISLI), blind spot detection (BSD), and rear collision warnings (RCW). We will continue to invest in our ISO 26262–compliant chipsets and solutions and improve upon their intelligent compute power and image processing capabilities, to ensure an optimal level of performance.

  • 24/7 visual perception

    24/7 visual perception

    Supports 4K and higher resolutions and 24/7 ISP capabilities.

  • Advanced AI computing

    Advanced AI computing

    Supports 4 TOPS compute power, efficient AI development platforms, and popular algorithm frameworks.

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