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HiSilicon & Changhong Make 5G Smart Manufacturing a Full-Blown Reality

[Sichuan, China, March 26, 2020] The innovative 5G-enabled industrial Internet product line — "Changhong 5G industrial Internet smart TV mass customization production line" (hereinafter referred to as "5G smart manufacturing production line"), which was jointly developed by HiSilicon (Shanghai) and Changhong Holding Group — has been officially put into large-scale production, ushering in a new era of commercial use of 5G industrial modules. Since its trial operation in January 2020, the production line has produced 250,000 smart TVs. Through effective collaboration on multiple 5G industrial solutions, efficiency has been improved by 60%, providing a benchmark for how to digitally transform the manufacturing industry.

To accelerate the large-scale commercial use of 5G plus smart manufacturing throughout the industry, HiSilicon (Shanghai) and Sichuan AI-Link Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changhong AI-Link") signed license and cooperation agreements on 5G industrial modules today to jointly promote the smart digital transformation of traditional manufacturing. Duan Enchuan, Chairman of Changhong AI-Link, and Sun Weifeng, President of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Sales and Technical Service, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Zhao Yong, Chairman of Sichuan Changhong Electronic Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zheng Guang Qing, Deputy General Manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd., and Xiong Wei, President of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. also attended the signing ceremony.

Zhao Yong reviewed the achievements of the two parties in terms of their joint innovation of 5G plus industrial Internet, and gave high praise to the contributions made by innovation teams of both HiSilicon (Shanghai) and Changhong. "HiSilicon (Shanghai) is a leader in 5G technologies and has built world-leading 5G capabilities with long-term R&D investment and the accumulation of technology," said Zhao. "Changhong AI-Link successfully launched the first 5G industrial Internet module thanks to its vast experience in the connection field built up over many years and by cooperating with HiSilicon, an industry leader in 5G. This accelerates the implementation of Changhong's 5G smart manufacturing production line and sets a benchmark for the smart digital transformation of traditional manufacturing." Zhao hopes that both parties will further consolidate resources and complement each other's advantages to promote large-scale commercial use of 5G and achieve mutually beneficial results.

"Changhong has a history of more than 60 years in the industrial manufacturing field. It adheres to innovation-driven development, dares to break down existing boundaries, and continuously leads the way with innovative products," Xiong added. "It is also currently active in embracing 5G for industrial upgrades and smart digital transformations, setting a good example for traditional manufacturing. The HiSilicon (Shanghai) industrial scenario research team has been working with Changhong Holdings Group to explore differentiated requirements of industrial manufacturing for 5G modules and inject capabilities such as super uplink, ultra-low latency, industrial-grade security, and extreme environment adaptation requirements into 5G industrial module middleware, helping Changhong achieve large-scale application of 5G smart manufacturing. We are willing to work with Changhong AI-Link to promote these successful experiences in society and build a prosperous 5G ecosystem."

HiSilicon (Shanghai) and Changhong Holding Group will continue to work closely to promote 5G plus smart manufacturing innovation experience to all industries, helping traditional manufacturing industries achieve smart digital transformations and build new competitive advantages in the digital era.