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HiSilicon and China Mobile Jointly Release 5G Modules

[London, UK, February 20, 2020]On February 20 in London, UK, HiSilicon (Shanghai) and China Mobile jointly released a series of 5G modules and solutions tailored for specific industries, including manufacturing and transportation. The two parties will work together to promote 5G applications for all scenarios, and accelerate the broad commercial deployment of 5G.

1 5G Pre-Module

The 5G pre-module released by HiSilicon,includes a 5G modem chipset, software development kit (SDK), development tool, and 5G+X solution. The pre-module fully opens 5G capabilities to a wide range of vertical industries and consumer scenarios, to accelerate the deployment of commercial modules for all 5G industrial applications.

2 5G Industrial Module Portfolio

As a strategic partner of HiSilicon, China Mobile released 5G industrial modules based on the 5G pre-module. This will further streamline the development of 5G terminals and shorten the development period, supporting 5G applications across diverse scenarios, including smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, surveillance, multimedia, and large-screen commercial displays.

3 “5G+”Plan

As a leading telecom operator, China Mobile plays a key role in enhancing China's cyber power, and helping bring about a digital, smart society. As part of the “5G+”plan, China Mobile has integrated 5G technology with innovative applications, spanning e-commerce, e-government, telemedicine, online education, and online entertainment, unleashing new consumption potential and expanding the scope of digital applications.

HiSilicon and China Mobile have been working together in the smart device field for years, and are committed to deepening their partnership in key technological research, key process verification, standard formulation, 5G smart device product innovation, and promoting broad commercial 5G applications.