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HUAWEI Reasserts Itself as a Leader in 5G with the Latest 5G SoC Kirin 985

Kirin 985 is integrated with 5G Modem, supports NSA/SA dual architectures and TDD/FDD full spectrum bands. As a leading full-frequency 5G SoC, Kirin 985 offers flagship 5G experience, relieving the pain points of 5G users and realizes technological innovation in the fields of UL/DL speed, signal anti-jamming capability, high-speed mobile capability, 5G occupation ratio, latency and dual-SIM experience in 5G networks..

Based on the HUAWEI Da Vinci NPU architecture that uses big core + tiny core, Kirin 985 improves AI performance by 173% in comparison with the previous generation, and is able to support more AI applications. In terms of performance, the 7nm Kirin 985 has a robust and energy efficient CPU architecture composed of one big core, three middle cores, and four little cores. Powered by the brand new 8-core Mali-G77 GPU, it achieves a new level of performance while reducing energy costs. Kirin 985 also boasts smooth gaming with Kirin Gaming+ 2.0. The SoC uses HUAWEI-developed Kirin ISP 5.0, which packs industry leading block-matching and 3D filtering (BM3D) image noise reduction and dual-domain video noise reduction technologies to make clearer night shooting possible..

Leading 5G SoC for the Flagship Communications Experience.

Today, 5G is accelerating at an unprecedented speed, will empower more mobile phone experiences and lead the communications industry into a new era. As a leading 5G SoC, Kirin 985 aims to deliver flagship 5G communication experience and continue to develop 5G technologies to fit a wider range of mobile phone users. Kirin 985 achieves leading 5G speed and supports NSA and SA architecture and TDD/FDD full spectrum bands. It also supports service concurrency for dual cards on 5G phones. Users can play games using one 5G mobile data over one SIM card, while still using the other SIM to receive VoLTE HD voice calls and handle messaging at the same time. .

HUAWEI has been investing in 5G research since 2009 and has accumulated extensive technical capabilities in terms of 5G chip research and development. To provide faster and more stable 5G connections, HUAWEI has conducted large-scale tests during chip R&D, involving test personnel in over 100 cities around the world and more than 4 million call tests to address the pain points of 5G users, such as network disconnection in high-speed mobile scenarios and poor network signals. HUAWEI has carried out in-depth research in high-speed railway, subway, and highway scenarios, with the total test mileage exceeding 1 million km..

Based on powerful 5G gene, Kirin 985 built flagship 5G experience. This is possible with features including excellent anti-jamming capabilities for complex 5G communication environments, the advanced adaptive receiver based on machine learning for high-speed mobile scenarios. To reduce latency, Kirin 985 comprehensively accelerates 5G network searching and handover, achieving best 5G occupation ratio to ensure ultra-low latency. In addition, Kirin 985 supports bandwidth part (BWP) technology, which implements the flexible switching of bandwidth resources with available 5G bandwidths, greatly reducing 5G power consumption and offering a lasting 5G experience..

Innovating NPU Architecture to Innovate Mobile AI.

Adopting the HUAWEI Da Vinci NPU architecture, Kirin 985 improves AI performance by 173% in comparison with the previous generation and leads its competitors in ETH AI benchmark scores. With one big robust yet energy-efficient NPU core and one tiny impressive power-saving NPU core, Kirin 985 has become a world leader in AI in terms of both performance and energy efficiency, which has been tested in diverse neural network (NN) models, such as the typical medium-load NN model ResNet50 (used for detection, segmentation, and identification) and light-load NN model MobilenetV2 (used for classification, detection, embedding, and segmentation) commonly on mobile devices. These achievements pave the way for more innovations on 5G+AI applications..

With AI, Kirin 985 further improves the photography capabilities of phones by providing smarter AI shooting, solving many common issues with phone photography. The new AI RAW technology significantly improves image quality. It enriches image detail while reducing noise, and boosts the image’s dynamic range performance. Based on the AI portrait segmentation capability, Kirin 985 effectively removes image distortions at the edges of group photos, and performs real-time AI correction on the edges of images to achieve the desired effects..

In addition to achieving excellent AI performance, HUAWEI opens up its on-device AI computing power to developers and partners to jointly build an AI application ecosystem. To this date, HUAWEI HiAI has attracted more than 127 million active users worldwide, including more than 4000 partners and over 50,000 active developers. The Kirin platform will continue to enable developers and improve more powerful toolchains to fully unlock the computing potentials of on-device AI. Kirin 985 will drive further upgrades on the open capabilities of HiAI..

Kirin ISP 5.0 for Clearer and Lifelike Images.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become indispensable for recording beautiful moments of daily life. Kirin 985 effectively reduces image noise in night and low light environments and enables you to shoot pro-grade images with just one-touch. The HUAWEI-developed Kirin ISP 5.0 improves both pixel throughput and energy efficiency by 15% over the previous generation. In addition to the AI RAW technology, Kirin ISP 5.0 supports BM3D for image noise reduction and dual-domain video noise reduction, improving the noise reduction performance for images and videos by 30% and 20%, respectively.

Powerful CPU and GPU for Smoother User Experiences.

Kirin 985 adopts an innovative CPU architecture of one big core (Cortex-A76 Based), three middle cores (Cortex-A76 Based), and four little cores (Cortex-A55). This combination achieves robust performance and higher energy efficiency.

In terms of the GPU, Kirin 985 uses the 8-core Mali-G77 GPU for the first time ever, which greatly improves performance and energy efficiency and allows for a faster and smoother gaming experience. To help achieve this, Kirin 985 supports Kirin Gaming+ 2.0, which uses the newly updated AI frequency modulation scheduling technology. The technology fuses GPU scheduling into the CPU and DDR system frequency modulation scheduling, and adds gaming-associated thread optimization technologies to dynamically detect performance bottlenecks. Moreover, Kirin Gaming+ 2.0 builds a precise performance and power consumption model by learning from over 1 million frames of game images, refining performance and power consumption scheduling for each frame and achieving in-depth and precise optimization.

As new member of 5G SoC, Kirin 985 will once again lead the experience trend, create strong 5G, AI, camera and performance, and comprehensively lead 5G experience. New 5G mobile phones powered by Kirin 985 will be unveiled soon. So be sure to stay tuned.