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HiSilicon Signs 5G Licensing Agreement with Sunniwell

HiSilicon (Shanghai) signed a partnership agreement with Sunniwell in Shenzhen, the first global licensed 5G partner. The two parties will jointly launch a line of 5G+8K media modules to accelerate the large-scale commercial deployment of 5G UHD video across a myriad of new applications, including smart media and commercial displays.

At the signing ceremony, Sun Weifeng, President of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Sales and Technical Service, provided an overview of the 12-year partnership, and spoke highly of the joint innovation team's contribution to the development of the global TV new media industry and carrier IPTV/OTT services. He noted that against the backdrop of digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and convergent innovation, the partnership in 5G and AIoT technologies and product applications, would be deepened, and that by harnessing 5G+8K, 5G+VR, and other innovations, the two parties would jointly promote the UHD audiovisual ecosystem in the 5G era.。

"5G, thanks to its high bandwidth and low latency, enables TV and new media, and commercial display applications for UHD and VR video technologies, broadening the market space. The comprehensive cooperation with HiSilicon will help Sunniwell explore new industries and expand the scope of its services." Hu Jinshui, Vice President of Sunniwell and General Manager of the Connectivity Product Business Department, concluded that Sunniwell would leverage the advantages of HiSilicon's global leading 5G pre-modules, continue to increase its R&D investment in 5G modules and device applications, and accelerate the implementation of scenario-based 5G smart devices, including 5G UHD IPTV/OTT STBs, 5G videoconferencing devices, and 5G smart screens.

[About Sunniwell]
Sunniwell Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of ubiquitous intelligent devices and IoT connection services, based in Beijing. Its focus is on R&D for network audiovisual technologies and large screen TV applications, such as interactive media and commercial displays, and providing system-level solutions for UHD videos and smart interconnected applications for global carriers and customers.