Company Overview

Leading the way to a better Connected World and Premium Video Era

For more than 25 years, HiSilicon has grown into a world leading fabless IC semiconductor company, who is devoted to build a better connected world and drives the way to a premium video era. As the pioneer and accelerator in the fast moving industry, we are capable of providing innovative Full HD and UHD end to end video technologies. Solutions and products has successfully empowered over 100 countries covering multiple industries particularly in communication, video and IoT.

The development of worldwide video industry has been accelerated through our end to end premium 4K chipset solutions, including IP Camera, Set Top Box and Display. As a significant player in IoT industry, we have the advantage of providing multiple solutions untilising the most advanced technologies of PLC/ HiSilicon secured the industry leading position through its precious end to end video technologies from capture, link, decoding to display. We will work closely with all partners and clients to build a better connected world and premium video era together.

HiSilicon family has over 7,000 staffs from all over the world and 70% of us has Master degree. With our high-education and multi-cultural background, we are confident to provide not only the high quality and leading technologies solutions, but also clients orientated services. We are committed to continuously create significant value for our clients and make great contribution to the whole industry.