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Frog by Wyplay digital TV software available on the latest HiSilicon’s family of STB chipsets thanks to MathEmbedded

Amsterdam – September 9, 2016 – HiSilicon, a worldwide leading semiconductor company providing silicon solutions in digital home, communications and wireless terminals, Wyplay, creator of software solutions for pay TV operators and MathEmbedded, a Frog Services Company, today announced a collaboration for the porting of Frog by Wyplay onto the HiSilicon’s range of System-on-Chips (SoC’s) for Set-Top boxes for DVB, IPTV and OTT markets.

“Frog by Wyplay’s availability on our Hi3798/Hi3796 series of chipsets will bring our STB customers proven and deployed off-the-shelves turnkey solutions, to which they will be able to customize and add features according to their needs”, says John Liu, General Manager of STB Chipsets at HiSilicon. “With more than 25 years of experience in semiconductor, we are focused on the sustainable growth of operators in the Pay-TV market, with cost efficient solutions and more value-added services. We are committed to protecting the investment of operators and partners. This move is yet another example of our pro-active attitude”.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with HiSilicon who are currently extending their significant Asian penetration to worldwide markets” said Dominique Feral, Wyplay CMO. “Thanks to MathEmbedded, a long standing Frog Scaling Partner, operators and OEMs will be able to deliver a dramatically enhanced user experience, with a choice of features à-la-carte”.

"We are very pleased to port Frog by Wyplay onto the HiSilicon platform" said Andy Sturges, Director of Products at MathEmbedded. He added "We are eager to use all the power and capabilities of the latest HiSilison chipsets with Frog By Wyplay to deliver an unmatched solution to the Pay-TV market”.

Hi3798/Hi3796 series of chipsets includes Hi3798M V100, Hi3796M V100, and Hi3798C V200. It provides solutions for entry-level through high-end UHD HEVC STB. It features an advanced security engine integrating a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a Secure Video-Path (SVP), and forensic watermarking technologies. All security requirements are fulfilled to protect the system both in static and running modes. The security engine protects the power on and boot processes, the OS kernel loading, the middleware launching, and the app/UI execution.

Thanks to HiSilicon’s unified UNF API, Frog by Wyplay’s solutions will also be available on the rest of the range, including the cost effective Hi3716 series that brings Full HD video to its best, together with traditional CAS technologies.

About HiSilicon

HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading chipset solution provider for telecom networks, wireless terminals, and digital media. HiSilicon has the advantage of providing end-to-end chipsets and solutions, from telecom networks to consumer electronics. Set-Top Box chipsets have been deployed at more than 100 global operators in over 50 countries, the accumulated volume exceeding 50 million units for IPTV and 60 million units for DVB. For more than 20 years, meeting customers' demands is a driving force for HiSilicon. HiSilicon always aims to provide high quality chip solutions with excellent services and support, and notably a very quick response to customers' requests. HiSilicon Technologies will continuously help customers in their value creation.

Please visit www.hisilicon.com for more information.

Media Contact:
Emmanuel Vigot
Head of Terminal Chipset Europe, HiSilicon Technologies
+33 6 2161 4917

About Wyplay

Independent and internationally recognized, Wyplay develops open, modular and innovative software solutions for IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial TV operators and broadcasters around the world.

Wyplay’s technology enables operators to select, configure, and deploy solutions easily from the richest list of preconfigured functionality available in a modular online TV solution, including an electronic program guide; video recorder; multiscreen and multiroom connectivity, an application store, and more.

Wyplay’s professional services team creates user experiences that exactly match and complement an operator or broadcaster’s product and market strategies. Wyplay is now a strategic partner for such leading brands as SFR, Vodafone, Proximus, Canal+, Sky Italia and DishTV.

To learn more about Wyplay’s set-top box, multi-screen and OTT solutions, please visit www.Wyplay.com and https://frogbyWyplay.com/.

For any queries, please contact:
Wyplay PR Contact
Julie Geret
Head of Communication
Mobile: +33 621 047 705
E-mail: jgeret@Wyplay.com

About MathEmbedded

MathEmbedded is a leading supplier of software and technical services specializing in embedded software and security for Digital TV and connected consumer devices. MathEmbedded’s expertise and partnerships can secure your Frog based products and reduce your time to market.

For more information on MathEmbedded’s services and solutions please visit http://www.mathembedded.com or email info@mathembedded.com

MathEmbedded Contact:
Andy Sturges
Director Product Development & Marketing Tel: +44 (0)7970212706
Email: andy.sturges@mathembedded.com