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1080P video is now available under 500kbps through HiSilicon’s latest technology of AVBR

Combining SmartP and AVBR technologies, the Hisilicon encoding products may achieve 512kbps for typical 1080P30 surveillance applications.

SmartP is an advanced referencing technology used in Hisilicon video encoder. It takes the advantage of multiple reference architecture of video encoder hardware and uses both long-term reference and short-term reference to improve the compression efficiency. For typical surveillance video sequences where background scene is relatively stable, it saves about 30% bits compared with other encoders using single reference frame.

AVBR is an advanced rate control algorithm used in Hisilicon video encoders. With visually unchanged picture quality, AVBR actively reduces the overall bit rates by intelligently distributing bits to the areas of motion. For typical surveillance video sequences, it could save about 30% bits compared with VBR.