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HiSilicon Receives WiGigTM Certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for the Industry’s Most Integrated 60GHz Solution

Achieving the highest level of integration and system performance

Shenzhen, China - 2018: HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd, a world leading fabless IC semiconductor company, is pleased to announce that the Hi1181 60GHz WiGig system-on-chip (SoC) has received Wi-Fi Alliance WiGig certification. “Hi1181 is the industry’s most integrated and highest performance 802.11ad 60GHz SoC, delivering ultra-high bandwidth, low power consumption and low latency for data communication. By passing Wi-Fi Alliance WiGig certification, it is proven to be standard compliant and ready to be applied to many emerging applications that are demanding both high bandwidth and low latency wireless connectivity,” said Dr. Jianping Jiang, Director, Product Marketing, HiSilicon. “Hi1181 has set a new bar for 60GHz WiGig products. The highest level of integration of mmWave technologies into a single CMOS SoC also bears the fruit of lowering cost to a level that the industry can truly embrace. We believe that Hi1181 is the enabler for the mass adoption of WiGig technologies into consumer products.”

Hi1181 SoC is comprised of 60GHz RF, PHY, MAC and CPU sub systems, with high speed interfaces such as PCIe, USB3.0, HDMI2.0 and DP1.3. It is 802.11ad compliant with single carrier 16QAM supporting PHY rate up to 4.6Gbps. Based on Hi1181, two modules have been designed to meet the application requirements: M1181-Performance and M1181-Turbo.

The M1181-Performance module includes advanced antenna in package (AIP) design in a compact 10mm x 10mm form factor, consuming lower power while delivering up to 3Gbps TCP data throughput. This module is suitable for wireless delivery of ultra-high bandwidth videos such as HD and 4K contents, wireless docking of mobile devices to larger screen display for light office applications(email, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), and high speed data transfer among mobile devices or storage devices.

The M1181-Turbo module is comprised of Hi1181 and a dual polarized 16T16R RF front-end, in a 12mm x 12mm compact module package. This module provides an ideal solution for wireless VR HMDs. ABI Research, a leader in emerging technology intelligence, forecasts that almost 84% of tethered VR HMDs will have wireless connectivity using WiGig in 2022. To meet the stringent latency requirements for applications such as VR games, an optimized beamforming link adaption algorithm has been designed for Hi1181; this is further strengthened by a unique antenna design to enable better reception and faster link adaption.

HiSilicon will demonstrate its technologies at various trade shows in 2018. Demonstrations will include the latest products for video related applications.