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HiSilicon’s End-to-End 8K Video Solutions are Transforming the End User Viewing Experience

With the rapid development of video technologies, our viewing experience has gradually become more and more immersive like human eyes. Thanks to the new technologies of capture, codec and display, we are now able to watch the colorful world as it is meant to be seen. With its latest generation of video technologies, HiSilicon becomes the first silicon provider capable of providing complete end-to-end 8K video solutions.

HiSilicon empowers the video industry with its first and world’s leading 8K 30fps capture chipset, Hi3559A. This newly released device is rapidly gaining market awareness and traction for use in very demanding & high resolution applications. Combined with the recently announced Hi3751V811 8K TV SoC, it is now possible to capture real-time, live action content, encode and transmit the content directly for decoding and viewing to an 8K capable TV (utilizing the Hi3751V811 TV SoC), thereby offering the ultimate view experience available today.

Compared with 4K, the resolution of 8K is 4 times higher, which means the video resolution captured by an 8K camera is 7680*4320 pixels, and thanks to the technology and efficiencies of HEVC , HiSilicon is able to encode, transmit, and display the video directly on the 8K TV SoC without any reduction in resolution.

With the upcoming 2018 Russia World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics 2020 events, 8K is believed to be the trend for the next generation video revolution and HiSilicon is devoted in making this happen along with our partners.

We sincerely welcome you to visit us at our upcoming exhibitions, to personally experience the glamor of 8K based on the leading technologies of end-to-end 8K SOC Solutions, including 8K live camera, real time 8K encoded and transmission as well as 8K decoding and display on a real 8K panel.

8K Capture | 8K Codec | 8K Display

Key Features

  • Dual ISP pipelines with up to 16-bit Bayer CFA data input and 10-bit YUV422 output

  • 8k@30fps or 4k@120fps for video processing and 75M pixel for image shooting

  • Up to 8 sensor inputs and multi-scale output streams

  • 4th generation HiISP technology

  • Support HDR10 and Wide Color Gamut

  • Support 10bit HEVC 8k@30fps & 4k@60fps Decoder

  • Support full feature HDR, such as SLG, HLG, Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10

  • Hi-Imprex PQ Engine for outstanding video experience

  • Low power technologies, extra lower power consumption

  • Provide Linux and Android Base SDK