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4K 360° Panorama Camera Prototype with Hisilicon’s Chipset and RICOH’s Optical Modules

As a global fabless semiconductor and IC design company, Hisilicon is dedicated to comprehensive connectivity and multimedia chipset solutions. After 20 years of research and development, Hisilicon has built up strong IC design and technologies. To empower the industry, Hisilicon continues to create cutting-edge technology, including UHD ISP, H.265/264 codec, low power consumption, intelligent image processing technologies like 6-DOF EIS, WDR, HDR10, AI+, and more.

A global leader in the panorama camera field, as well as the world's leading manufacturer of optical instruments and digital cameras, Ricoh builds compact panorama cameras with excellent quality.

Now, Hisilicon developed 4K 360-degrees panorama camera prototype using Hisilicon MobileCam professional chipset. This prototype is remake of RICOH R DK(RICOH provided optical modules). And this prototype is exhibited at CES 2018.

Cooperation between Hisilicon and Ricoh would empower the panorama industry and upgrade user experience in the 360-degrees panorama camera field.

Hi3559A is Hisilicon's flagship MobileCam product. It can support 8-channel sensor input, 8K resolution codec, and Any View Stitching Processor (AVSP). These advantages of Hi3559A will help customers to make more competitive cameras.

For the panorama camera industry, Hi3559A solves the issue of low resolution by supporting 8K UDH resolution. AVSP, integrated into Hi3559A, can support flexible stitching modes, including 2-8 non-fisheye cameras, or 2-4 fisheye cameras. Hi3559A also supports major project modes like Equirectangular, Cylindrical, Cubic, and Rectilinear. Hi3559A's state of the art high precision difference and blending algorithms are used to give the stitching image better articulation and make transitions in the seam area more natural.

In addition, in order to solve production efficiency problems for panorama cameras, Hisilicon supports production line calibration reference design for panorama products. The production line can be realized with a single image acquisition and finishing calibration. For typical back-to-back fisheye camera products, it takes only 1 minute for calibration. Hi3559A also supports 3D models that make it possible for end users to adjust the best distance convenient when in use.

Collaboration between Hisilicon and Ricoh, with Hisilicon’s competitive panorama camera chipset technology as well as Ricoh’s professional understanding of panorama cameras and end-user experience, would greatly impact the panorama industry and upgrade user experience for panorama cameras.