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HiSilicon CPSE2017 | HiSilicon End-to-End Dramatic Image Processing Solution

4KP60 | 10 Bit ISP | HDR 10 | HEVC 10 Bit Codec

  • Support end-to-end HDR/WCG from capturing to display, including all ICs for camera, set-top box, and digital TV

  • Support multi-image fusion to get up to 20-bit raw image

  • Camera IC supports global and local tone mapping

  • Support BT.2020 and all wide color gamut for end-to-end

  • Supports 3D-CLUT for color tuning

  • Camera IC support 10-bit HEVC encoder and decoder with bit rate up to 800 Mbps

  • STB/DTV ICs support 10-bit HEVC decoder, HDR/SDR conversion, tone mapping, and image processing for vivid image presentation

  • STB/DTV ICs support HDR10 and HLG