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Brief Introduction on HDR10+

HDR10+ is an open source and royalty-free dynamic metadata solution. Unlike the HDR10, HDR10+ not only defines the HDR content but also defines how to process and display the HDR content on variety of display equipment.

HDR10+ is categorised to dynamic metadata HDR because its’ display process is adjust according to dynamic metadata carried in HDR10+ content. The adjustment can be modified scene by scene or even frame by frame.

HDR10+ process also take the capabilities of the TV into account to optimizes the appearance (such as black level and brightness) of the HDR content, thus HDR viewing experience was dramatically improved when compared to HDR10 which uses static metadata and thus can only apply one tone mapping curve for the entire film.

HDR10+ can be delivered by compressed format such as HEVC main10 profile or by uncompressed interface such as HDMI2.0.

As a leading consuming device silicon vendor, HiSilicon is going to bring this latest HDR feature to consumers soon. The latest chips supporting HDR features are Hi3751V551, Hi3751V620/730, Hi3751V811/V810.