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Hisilicon Delivery High-end 8K Camera SOC with Smart Vision Platform

The Hi3559C will support 8K HEVC at 30 frame per second or 4K HEVC at 120 frame per second with NPU inside

Hisilicon just release its newest SOC,Hi3559C. This SOC will target for high-video-performance cameras meanwhile size is also constrained, such as action camera, drone camera, panorama camera, or pocket cinema camera.

Image quality will become more vivid, more clarity, more dynamic range due to the 14-bit ISP pipeline. Together with 8K30/4K120 HEVC main10 codec, Hi3559C support the new HDR standards, such as HDR10, HLG, which will bring end-user new viewing experience when playback in TV screen. Camera players could get video more smoothly with the super EIS engine which make mechanical gimbal unnecessary. The powerful video stitching engine could also create 6K panorama video with dual sensor inputs or ever higher resolution with more sensor inputs.

Hi3559C provide SVP(Smart Vision Platform) which consist of versatile processors, stereo-depth engine and NPU for deep-learning. Tools like compiler will also be delivered to customers so that different kinds of computer vision applications could be developed at the edge very quickly, for example object detection, face recognition. Hi3559C also support multi-sensors input which is essential for drone applications where robot vision is necessary, such as collision-avoiding, hovering, etc.

Taking advantage of the newest 12nm foundry process, Hi3559C remain low power consumption when running at high-performance video processing. And the small-size package will make it suitable for the cameras requested smaller size.