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HiSilicon Attends TV CONNECT 2018 with its Latest Demos and Solutions

London, 9th May, 2018 – TV CONNECT 2018 as one of the most important Set Top Box event in Europe, has successfully held in London Olympia today. HiSilicon attends the event and showcases its latest demos including Advanced UHD HDR Solution, Smart Voice Recognition, UHD Android TV, Fully Compatible Middleware Solution, Panorama video broadcasting, Multi-object identification and Smart Home.

Any Content Any TV

HiSilicon’s high performance UHD STB/TV chipset solution is compatible to any content and any TV supporting full feature HDR with hardware modules.

  • Quad-core ARM A53 64-bit CPU and Multi core Mali450 GPU

  • HiVXE®2.0 video engine supporting 4K P60 HEVC & VP9 decoding

  • Imprex®2.0 PQ engine for outstanding TV experience 

  • Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG etc.

  • HDR/SDR seamless conversion

Tailor Made Entertainment

Watch TV at home in a smarter way using the latest Android TV with less browsing and more tailor made entertainment Apps. You could start to watch your favorite movie by simply say it to the mic then enjoy it at home.

Multi-Object Categorization and Identification System

Hi3559A is based on a scalable computing architecture, & Smart Vision Platform (SVP), which is able to support high performance vision processing with trillion operations on the efficient heterogeneous computing platform. Standard and custom functions can be accelerated through vision DSP and IVE. As the key module in SVP, HiSilicon’s xNNIE engine is superior to others, where Deep Learning Neural Networks are fully supported by our dedicated hardware accelerations. With the xNNIE engine, user applications can be easily implemented in Hi3559A, such as object categorization (motor vehicle, non-motorized vehicle, and pedestrian detection) and attribute recognition (vehicle type, color, and license plate recognition).

  • High performance vision processing

  • Scalable computing architecture

  • Hardware acceleration of Deep Learning Neural Networks on the dedicated engine

  • Generic object categorization and detection using Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Object Detection: sofa, desk, chair, bus, car, airplane, bicycle, motor, cat, dog, bird etc.

Thanks for visiting us at TV CONNECT 2018. Look forward to seeing you in IBC 2018 at Amsterdam.