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HiSilicon Empowers the Industry with Latest Technologies on End-to-end Terminal SoC Solution for Smart Home and Set-top-box at Convergence 2018

New Delhi, 7th March, 2018 - The Convergence is the largest event in India for providing business knowledge for the media, entertainment & technology industry, spanning the creation, management and delivery of electronic and media entertainment. HiSilicon as one of the world’s leading Fabless IC Semiconductor Company, successfully showcased their capability of empowering the industry through state of art technologies in the event.

4K with HDR

As one of the most eye-attracting showcased area, 4K with HDR has been highly praised by the public. We support full feature HDR with our hardware modules, makes your STB compatible to “Any Content, Any TV”. With not only varieties of HDR standard contents such as Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR10 etc., but also the feature of HDR and SDR compatible conversion. Application scenarios including:

  • HDR/SDR seamlessly transition. (One stream including HDR content + SDR content)

  • HDR PIP scenario (HDR UHD content + SDR FHD content->HDR FHD content)

  • Graphics layer HDR<->SDR mapping

  • The HDR features are available on all HiSilicon 4K SoC platforms ( Hi3798MV200 / 96MV200 / 98CV200)

All of subscribers will enjoy the amazing contents no matter which contents and television they’re using. And it will help operators to enhance both their traditional broadcasting and latest trendy IP streaming contents more attractive and valuable for their end users.

Seeing is Believing

Based on the strong capability of Imprex 2.0 Processing Engine (Graphics and Display Processing), image and video could be enhanced as more super quality with HDR, color management, video enhancement and noise reduction techniques. HiSilicon takes good advantage of their successful experience on image processing, empower the media and entertainment industry with both cost effective and high powerful performance SOC solutions.

Android TV 8.0

Hisilicon series SOCs including Ultra HD and Full HD have already faultlessly supported the latest Android TV 8.0, not only supporting Android TV Hybrid STB (Broadcasting with advanced CAS + IPTV & OTT with DRM), but also pure OTT as variety of segment products that could fulfill operators’ long term development requirements.

For example, Hi3798M Android TV 8.0 HDMI Dongle for OTT (PCB Size: 70mm x 18mm) and Token (PCB Size: 46mm x 47.6mm) as miniaturized design, with low power consumption, high performance WiFi model 11AC 2T2R for 4K content receiving and latest BT model for voice searching and remote control.

Better SOC and OS Make Our Life More Intelligent

“Enrich your vision” as HiSilicon’s long term mission, we’re continually having devoted to video industry with our innovative SOC solutions such as smart IP camera, smart STB, smart TV providing end-to-end 4K solutions and NB-IoT SOC with OS. They’re fully helping operators and customers to build the comprehensive secure, efficient and intelligent end-to-end solutions for various homes and industries.

Smart Home is becoming more and more popular in our lives, HiSilicon is keen to make our life safe and colorful by working closely with our partners to provide smart set-top-box and television with the most popular stream media applications, IoT door bell, video phone and home security camera. We believe that home will be always by our side wherever we go thanks to our most advanced technologies.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application on TV Screen

We sincerely believe that STB is not only one of the most important home media device in the central position, but also with AI technology plus such as intelligent audio like far field voice, voice searching and control, intelligent video like low latency video phone, face recognition, PQ improvement and IOT hub connect etc., it should have been becoming an all-round home assistant to serve all family members in the near future.

HiSilicon devotes ourselves to empower the industry with more possibility at present and in the future. Technology is always the key engine to lead our life move forward and HiSilicon will continuously work closely with our partners to build a better connected world and fast moving industry.