Hisilicon provides a standard and strong Android solution.


  • Capability to follow up quickly, releasing the latest AOSP SDK in two weeks

  • Rich Application supported, including most popular global OTT APKs

  • Standard APIs supported, comply with CTS/CTS Verifier/GTS

  • Latest secure and reliable OS supported, keep steps with open source communities


  • Operators customized Applications supported, match maintenance requirements also

  • For STB/TV products, optimized architecture, focus on low power consumption and high performance, fully use the powerful chips(media, graphics and security) to provide excellent user experience



Flyfish is a Linux smart platform provided by HiSilicon

Linux Kernel:

  • Deep dive into Linux kernel(memory management, scheduler and so on), capable to customize Linux kernel, follow up and release the latest kernel soon Positive contributor of the community, keep on developing standard device driver and upstreaming

  • Interact with the community often, keep steps with the latest leading technique


  • Multi-process management supported, each Application is independent and easy to expand Media engine, DRM, DVB, browser, and other typical applications pre-integrated Easy to integrate rich third-party applications and manage all applications Powerful Media Engine supported, easy to support rich media applications UI system and related developing tools provided, for developing own applications by OEMs themselves



HiSilicon provides TVOS based competitive solution

Core contributor of TVOS community, maintain system architecture, media framework, security framework, HTML5 framework, kernel and such core components, bring rich industry experience and OS technique to TVOS

Successfully support TVOS to be first mass produced, and comply with serialized chips of TVOS, help broadcasting operators to accelerate the process of smart media devices Entire test suites provided, to enable product stable soon, and shorten time to market Mature and complete secure solution(DCAS and ChinaDRM), successfully support DCAS to be first mass produced

For key user experience(such as media playback) and value-added applications(such as video phone), build competitive solution by optimized design(enable software and hardware co work perfectly)


Lite OS

HiSilicon provides LiteOS, to support smart home and IOT solution

Works with Huawei smart phones, Huawei smart home solution and HiLink protocol (a device connectivity protocol), making the smart home solution smarter and simplifying the smart home app operation procedure.

LiteOS co work with chips, to provide all connectivity functionalities for IOT devices. It has been configured with frameworks based on the kernel that is lightweight, fast to start, and consumes little power, to support multiple scenario, superb and real-time experience for users Lightweight Kernels: Smaller Kernel Size, Lower Power Consumption, and Faster Response Sensor Frameworks: Lower Delay, Higher Precision, and Intelligent sensing


Media OS

HiSilicon provides MediaOS, focus on media experience(stable, full-spec, pleasure user experience), for person's immersive experience

Core: four engines and five optimized technologies, network acceleration engine, media acceleration engine, cloud-device collaboration acceleration engine, DRM framework, high performance media framework, zero memory copy, multi-thread parallel acceleration, vertical Integration with chip, dynamic network adaptation

Enable chips to work at full capability and performance, based core technique of Media OS, to improve experience in all kinds of scenarios, DVB, IPTV, OTT, and so on Second level respond for interact, start, seek, and channel switch, and so on Cloud-device collaboration, dynamic adaptation, to provide best user experience in different network status


Web OS

HiSilicon provides leading WebOS for big screen devices

Core: three engines and four optimized technologies, speedy H5 engine, efficient JS engine, H5 game engine, HTML5 developing framework, low delay transport protocol, hardware render acceleration, parallel network acceleration Rich applications for big screen devices supported, Video, Music, Education, Game, Life and so on

Excellent user experience, 100ms level respond for interact, 60fps smooth UI animation Enable Web APPs as fast as Native APPs

TEE based secure solution supported, easy to build DRM and CAS related applications Applications management and applications permission management supported, easy to use and improve security

Optimize for entry level devices, work well on 256MB DDR