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HiSilicon Wins the 2019 AVS Industry Technology Innovation Award

Apr 10, 2020

HiSilicon Wins the 2019 AVS Industry Technology Innovation Award

[Online, China, April 10, 2020]AVS, which stands for Audio Video Coding Standard, is formulated by the Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China, a collection of Chinese research institutions and enterprises. AVS represents the latest standard for audio and video encoding and decoding, which has proven to be highly competitive on a global basis. The AVS award serves as incentives for enterprises, universities, and research institutes in China and overseas, to play a more active role, and bridge the divide between the academic and commercial sectors. The award (No. 0251) was originally conceived back in 2014, and filed with the Chinese National Office for Science and Technology Awards.

HiSilicon earned the 2019 award on the basis of its outstanding achievements in the implementation and industrialization of AVS-based E2E 8K/4K products and solutions, as indicated by its AVS ultra-HD decoding chipsets and STBs. HiSilicon has released multiple AVS-based UHD decoding chipsets, which are widely used by STB vendors and TV vendors, and are sold in international markets, including in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. In 2019, HiSilicon played a key role in the formulation of the AVS3 standard, while also developing new chipsets, releasing and demonstrating the efficacy of AVS3 8Kp120 decoding on the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), a seemingly impossible task. The AVS3 8Kp120 UHD decoding chipset has played an important role in promoting AVS and AVS3 standards on a global scale, which also lays a solid foundation for continuing improvements to the AVS3 value chain.

AVS Industrial Technology Innovation Award

The winners were selected by a panel of 15 experts over the course of four days. The award is intended to encourage and recognize the active roles played by enterprises and organizations in formulating the AVS standard and pursuing technological innovation, as well as outstanding contributions in implementing, converting, promoting, and industrializing AVS products. Professor Sun Huifang, chairman of the award review committee, expressed his hope that more research teams would commit themselves to pursuing innovative solutions in the AVS sector, and assist in making China a global leader in the field.

Source: AITISA

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