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Smart Media

Discover the class-leading, inclusive universal media processing platform

HiSilicon's smart media chipsets and product solutions are built on decades of experience in media chipset research and development. They feature industry-leading computational picture quality and computational audio technologies. Combined with innovative standards such as AVS3, HDR Vivid, Audio Vivid and ChinaDRM, this creates an unparalleled audio and video experience. The in-house core and hardware-software synergy delivers buttery-smooth performance. HiSilicon smart media solutions support Large Language models (LLM),such as ChatGPT or ChatGLM optimized on the device-side to refine natural interactions. HiSilicon can also provide fully integrated security solutions: media conetent protection, chips-level security and trustworthy software. 

Discover how all of these are integrated into our smart media devices (TVs, projectors, STBs, and more) bolstered by HiSilicon's industry-leading media processing platform, for families and industries alike.