Making Your Dream Home Smart

Smart home devices need to better understand the household's needs and adapt to different scenarios. They should be able to interconnect with devices to create a smarter, safer, and more comfortable environment. Our chipsets provide smart home devices with robust computing power and a unique security architecture, enabling smart living for households.

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Smart Home Knows You Better

In smart homes, AI has not only led to the invention of terminals like smart TVs, but can also work alongside the Internet of Things to empower non-media devices. For example, the invention of smart vision has led to the creation of a host of home security products, such as cameras and door locks, while technologies such as Wi-Fi and power line communication (PLC) intelligently upgrade domestic appliances. These non-media devices may have lower display requirements than media devices, but they tend to be battery-powered, so they have higher requirements in terms of power consumption. At the same time, with more and more home devices connected to the Internet, it is increasingly important to protect home networks and devices from attacks, prevent private data from being stolen, and ensure smoother collaboration between devices. We achieve this by producing home service terminals which focus on sensing, connectivity, and computing.

Home security service: comprehensive protection with clear records
Our home security solution has many technical advantages, such as low bit rate, low power consumption, low latency, and high image quality. It is because of these features that our customers can develop a huge range of home security products. We use intelligent chip algorithms which can detect human bodies and faces in real time, resulting in fewer false alarms. Because our chips have dual core computing power and NPU, the solution can comprehensively encrypt data. It can connect and detect Wi-Fi without consuming much power, so it reduces power consumption, simplifies the installation process, solves the problem of power supply, and makes sure that all data is recorded. In addition, our AI features, such as people detection (PD) and face detection (FD), enable customers to customize upper-layer applications, improving your efficiency when developing. Our products can be applied in a huge range of scenarios, including courtyards, doorsteps, and indoors, so your users can rest easy.

Cleaning service: more thorough cleaning with smart vision
Our robotic vacuum cleaner solution guides cleaners using smart vision. It plans sweeping routes with VSLAM and sensor fusion, which enables cleaners to plan more efficient routes, avoid getting stuck and clean more flexibly. In addition, it heightens the intelligence of robot cleaners, so they can operate without any manual assistance. By boosting the capabilities of robotic vacuum cleaners, we enable families to enjoy more effective cleaning services.

Smart appliances: interconnectivity with smart control
The HiSilicon Wi-Fi solution draws on high radio frequency (RF) and strong anti-interference capabilities to connect furniture with electrical devices, such as air conditioners and washing machines, no matter where they are in the home. The PLC solution also has strong anti-noise and anti-attenuation abilities for smart sockets, smart curtains and intelligent lighting controls. HiSilicon gives users smart control over all their household appliances, and creates a fully interconnected home.

As well as Linux and Huawei LiteOS, our Smart Home solution works with HarmonyOS 2.0, allowing quick integration into the open HarmonyOS.
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