Enhancing the Power of E-Cockpits

Traditional vehicle cockpits do not support voice interaction, and touch controls can potentially distract drivers, leading to accidents. Most traditional displays and dashboards are not easy to maintain and manage, and it is difficult to develop new services for them. Our e-cockpit solution builds a multi-dimensional control center that supports interactions like gestures, voices, and body movements, making driving more convenient and intuitive. Excellent software and hardware compatibility makes it easier and cheaper to develop components such as displays and dashboards, paving the way for all sorts of new services.

Unique Experiences with E-Cockpits

Unique Experiences with E-Cockpits

Although automobiles have been around for more than 100 years, they are only now becoming electric-powered, intelligent, and connected. These exciting developments are redefining the relationship between humans and vehicles, freeing drivers from tedious driving, and keeping passengers entertained during otherwise boring trips.

In an intelligent vehicle, the driver and passengers interact closely with the e-cockpit, which uses AI and audio/video to deliver a revolutionary experience. Smart vision technology enables the e-cockpit to provide real-time security notifications and intelligent AR navigation. In the future, the e-cockpit will be able to connect seamlessly to smart homes and smart offices, and will eventually become a smart mobile space that delivers an entertaining experience to drivers and passengers.

  • Intelligent services: Features natural-language understanding (NLU), visual perception, full human-vehicle interactions, and proactively perceives the requirements of drivers and passengers.
  • Immersive experiences: Seamless multi-screen interactions deliver immersive audio and video experiences.
  • Automatic connection: The vehicle connects to smartphones and smart IoT devices automatically, seamlessly connecting people, vehicles, and homes.

HiSilicon (Shanghai) offers industry-leading smart media, AI engine, and connectivity product lines, and provides professional solutions for smart cockpits, center console displays, and AR-HUD, enabling tier-1 suppliers and automobile enterprises to develop differentiated products.

  • Heterogeneous SoC architecture: Integrates a high-performance CPU and GPU, a proprietary multi-core AI engine, and a professional ISP to deliver an intuitive AI experience.
  • Imperceptible connections: Vehicles connect to smart cockpits imperceptibly, supporting the latest technical standards such as WiFi 6 and BT5.x, which have been optimized from chipsets to protocols. This feature also integrates HUAWEI HiCar to connect people, vehicles, and homes across all scenarios.
  • Rich I/O capabilities: Supports multiple vision and sound sensor inputs and multi-screen display outputs, allowing customers to flexibly define products at different levels.
  • Powerful multimedia capabilities: Offers superb multimedia and 3D graphics processing capabilities by supporting diverse encoding and decoding audio and video formats, such as H.265 and AVS3.
  • Unified software and hardware framework: Features excellent software and hardware compatibility, reducing the difficulties and costs involved in developing new services.
  • Complete chipset solution: Provides a complete solution that covers encoding, ISP, 4G, WiFi/BT/GPS/GNSS, and display drivers.

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