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All-Scenario Developer Platforms for Smart Devices

The HiSilicon developer platforms help facilitate groundbreaking developer innovation, and provide the framework for an all-embracing ecosystem. With four capabilities: connectivity, perception, computing, and expression, and backed by HiSilicon's chipsets, the platforms support developers by providing technical training, communications, and empowerment, as well as collaborative ecosystem services, helping promote innovative smart device development within a mutually beneficial framework.

The HiSpark development kit developed by HiSilicon aims to spread the sparks of smart devices to developers and embrace the AI era. Resources provided include the hardware development board, software development kit (SDK) package, reference projects, and instructive documents. The initial HiSpark development board, covering smart vision and smart IoT, supports multiple operating systems, which helps to improve application development efficiency, and facilitate technical innovation in a myriad of different fields.

HiSilicon Developer Platforms