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HiSilicon Takes Home Two Awards at the 2020 CUVA Ceremony

Nov 03, 2020

HiSilicon Takes Home Two Awards at the 2020 CUVA Ceremony

The China UHD Video Industry Alliance (CUVA) awards ceremony and 8K night were held in Guangzhou on November 3, 2020. Gao Yuyue, Deputy Secretary-General for the Guangzhou Municipal Government, and Ren Aiguang, Deputy Director of Electronics Department at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, were both in attendance.

Hisilicon won the best award of Ultra HD video innovative products and solutions

HiSilicon won the Most Innovative UHD Video Products and Solutions Award.

Hisilicon won the excellent award of 8K UHD terminal and business innovation

HiSilicon won the Exemplary 8K UHD Devices and Innovative Services Award.

The selection process took nearly five months from start to finish. A total of 78 applications were received from 52 independent and joint member organizations in the Alliance. The applications were reviewed by a panel of nearly 30 experts from the academic and commercial worlds, and the review standards were the product of meticulous customizations and enhancements. The review process was designed to produce a fair and effective outcome, and allowed for experts to be withdrawn from reviewing works in the event of any conflicts of interest. Works that helped facilitate breakthroughs throughout the industry, were prioritized. Ultimately, 10 outstanding and 30 exemplary recipients were awarded.

These awards represent the highest honor in China's UHD video industry. HiSilicon (Shanghai) garnered two awards: Most Innovative UHD Video Products and Solutions, and Exemplary 8K UHD Devices and Innovative Services. HiSilicon pledges to further its commitment to high-level R&D capabilities, and remain an active participant in CUVA. The company will also provide comprehensive technical support in the research, verification, implementation, and improvement to CUVA HDR technical standards.

The industrialization of 8K across the value chain, from video recording, production, and encoding, to transmission, decoding, and display, has only accelerated. Thanks to China's UHD/8K industry policy, 8K has become a fixture in households, and a common feature in daily life.

The 8K technology helps make advanced intelligent services more accessible. To offer more personalized services, carriers and device providers have utilized big data analysis, with the goal of better understanding customer needs. However, a huge technical void still exists. With the arrival of the next-generation NPU, featuring robust computing power, it is now possible to accurately comprehend user requirements. HiSilicon has thus launched the first-ever 8K@120 fps decoding chipset for the 8K audio and video industry.

Applications for the First 8K@120 fps Decoding Chipset

Optimized Audiovisuals

Live streaming: 8K@120 fps (AVS3/H.265) real-time video live streaming, backed by a silky smooth frame rate
Multiple images: simultaneous previewing and split-screen display of 4-channel 4K@60 fps programs
Picture in picture (PiP): simultaneous browsing of an additional 4K@60 fps program in a small window, while watching a 4K@60 fps program
Video on demand (VOD): VOD of movies and TV series in 8K@120 fps (AVS3/H.265) format, or previews of episodes in the small window when 4K@60 fps programs are being played
Image super-resolution: AI-based image super-resolution technology to change SD and HD programs into 4K, or HD and 4K programs into 8K
Audio enhancement: Histen audio enhancements based on digital signal processing (DSP) technology, for a more pristine listening experience
5-meter far-field sound pickup: voice recognition based on DSP technology, featuring a recognition rate in excess of 95%
Intuitive UI: 4K@60 fps UI to give subtle features full play

Smart Life

Precise recommendations: video content, products, and services recommendations, based on facial recognition
Body recognition: NPU-based device controls, including channel changing, page turning, and playback controls
Virtual try-ons: NPU-based virtual try-ons, including virtual dressing, makeup, and cosplay shows
Interconnected e-commerce services (such as Tmall and Jingdong Mall) to support voice-based shopping
Interconnected audio services (such as newsletters, crosstalks, sketch comedies, and children's educational programming)
Interconnected smart home services (such as HiLink, AndLink, and eLink) for voice-based smart home device controls

Identity Recognition

Personalized set-top box (STB) settings and recommendations (such as personalized UI/favorites), based on facial recognition
Electronic payment and smart home control, based on facial recognition and identity authentication
Personalized STB settings and recommendations (such as personalized UI/favorites), based on voiceprint recognition
Electronic payment and smart home control, based on voiceprint recognition and identity authentication

Video and Voice Calling

4K@60 fps UHD video calls
Beauty mode (skin softening and face slimming), virtual accessories, and virtual backgrounds supported during video calls
Virtual 3D modeling and virtual try-ons supported during video calls
Clear voice (no echo or noise) for both parties or multiple parties during 5-meter far-field calls

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