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HiSilicon Impresses at CCBN2021 with Its On-Device 8K Solution


[Beijing, China, May 29, 2021] HiSilicon (Shanghai) showcases its full 8K+AI smart home chipset portfolio at the China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) 2021 exhibition. The showcase was dedicated to the smart home field, and covered a range of services, including audiovisual (8K@p120, 8K+AI, 4K Pro, and PQ enhancement), computing (high-performance computing and distributed capability), and cloud gaming, with smart TV, STB, UHD camera, mini-LED display, interactive whiteboard (IWB), AR, and AIoT products on display. HiSilicon's portfolio is designed to deliver an intelligent, immersive experience addressing all conceivable usage scenarios, and leverages HiSilicon's powerful media processing and high-performance computing capabilities.

As a chipset leader in the broadcast and television industry, HiSilicon (Shanghai) shares its 8K+AI experiences through a keynote speech entitled: "8K+AI, Omnimedia New Device." HiSilicon has been actively advocated expanding partnerships in the field, with the goal of accelerating digital transformation, innovating smart home devices, and bolstering the entire value chain.

The HiSilicon showcase covered three themes: 8K UHD, Smart Home and HarmonyOS Ecosystem, and 8K+AI Device Innovation.

8K UHD Creates an Immersive Entertainment Experience

HiSilicon Impresses at CCBN2021 with Its On-Device 8K Solution

HiSilicon showed its prowess and full-fledged chipset solutions in the 8K video capture, decoding, and TV fields. Fully aware of the importance of picture quality (PQ) to TV chipsets, HiSilicon introduced the cutting-edge Hi-Imprex engine, which supports 8K AI SR, 8K MEMC, HDR Vivid, and local dimming with 20,000 zones, and results in state-of-the-art PQ.

Marriage Between HiSilicon Smart Home Solutions and the HarmonyOS Ecosystem

HiSilicon Impresses at CCBN2021 with Its On-Device 8K Solution

HiSilicon divides smart home into three domains: smart home center, distributed capabilities, and efficient connectivity. Distributed capabilities attracted much attention. HiSilicon showcased the Hi3796C V300 and Hi3796M V310 STB chipsets, both of which incorporate HarmonyOS distributed capability components. HiSilicon also exhibited a number of innovative products and services powered by HarmonyOS Connect, such as its mini-LED display and MeeTime. HiSilicon has managed to make connectivity more efficient, with its PLC+WiFi all-in-one smart home solution and all-in-one smart home host.

8K+AI: Reinventing Smart Devices

HiSilicon Impresses at CCBN2021 with Its On-Device 8K Solution

At the 8K+AI device innovation booth, HiSilicon and its partners demonstrated several smart convergent devices powered by HiSilicon chipsets, such as the TV (a product with Tencent Cloud Gaming) and IWB. In the office zone, HiSilicon showcased the MateView. This Huawei monitor dazzled the audience with its 28-inch 4K display, razor-thin bezels, HDR, cinema-level colour gamut, and low-latency wireless projection. At the 8K+AI application innovation booth, HiSilicon demonstrated how AR glasses use AI for facial recognition: A 360-degree video is produced by stitching images captured from multiple angles and channels. High-resolution videos result in more immersive experiences. With AR glasses on, participants can quickly read basic information, such as the names of booth presenters. AR has been used in security and preventive maintenance fields.

HiSilicon Impresses at CCBN2021 with Its On-Device 8K Solution

Qu Yaxin, Vice President of HiSilicon (Shanghai), remarked, "With the advent of the omnimedia era and the increasing diversification of user requirements for devices, the convergence of 8K and AI has become a prerequisite for technological development. It is like a chemical reaction with catalysts that will bring about wide-ranging innovation in the smart convergent device field." In our omnimedia era, with the increasing popularity of 4K, and development of 8K applications, HiSilicon (Shanghai) will continue to direct efforts for home devices to combine 8K with wide-ranging capabilities, like AI and computing, and serve as fully-fledged smart convergent devices.