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HiSilicon | Delivering 8K to Homes


[Shenzhen, China, April 9, 2021] At the 9th China Information Technology Expo held in Shenzhen, China Media Group, Peng Cheng Laboratory, and the Guangdong Bohua UHD Innovation Center jointly released the Technical Requirements for Video and Audio of 8K UHD Large Screen Systems. At the 2021 China International 8K UHD Video Technology Forum, Qu Yaxin, Vice President of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech, of which the main points are as follows:

With four times as many pixels as 4K, 8K represents higher resolution videos for consumers and is available on 8K set-top boxes (STBs), smart displays, and other ready devices. From a broader industry perspective, 8K is more than just a big leap forward in the home media experience. It also creates a tipping point to bring the consumer interaction experience to the next level. Statistics from research organizations indicate that the most consumed forms of 8K content are games — accounting for an impressive 64.52%, IMAX movies, and live TV/video on demand (VOD). For the next-generation devices used for human-computer interaction, such as VR, AR, and MR devices, 8K is one of the building blocks.

海思 | 8K入户,让梦想照进家庭

Qu Yaxin, Vice President of HiSilicon (Shanghai)

The 2021 Spring Festival Gala presented in 8K UHD got the country talking. Yet, a number of events had already been broadcast live in 8K in China, including concerts (the first ever being the one hosted by the National Centre for the Performing Arts) and sports events (the first being the final of the Chinese Super League in the 2020 season, aired in a joint effort between Jiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corporation Limited and other partners, which was the first pilot where 8K streams were transmitted over both IP and HFC).

Nevertheless, the 2021 Spring Festival Gala was still an undeniable milestone to celebrate 8K's journey into Chinese homes. On Chinese New Year's Eve, the China Media Group production was aired around the globe. For the first time, 8K UHD technology using the AVS3 video coding standard was applied for video capture, production, and transmission in a country-wide live event. The 8K signals were broadcast live to 8K UHD screens outdoors in nine cities of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. The live broadcast spanned the entire process of the AVS3 standard, which indicated that the end-to-end 8K live broadcast technology is ready for commercial use in China and confirmed the feasibility of large-scale 8K live broadcasts.

HiSilicon (Shanghai) was an active participant in this milestone, undertaking several roles in the process: provider of the world's first AVS3-based 8K decoding chipset, supporter of 8K device development, and coordinator of upstream and downstream partners. With concerted efforts across the board, the parties pulled off the 8K live broadcast, resolving more than 30 industry chain issues in just three months.

HiSilicon (Shanghai) continues to solidify its presence in the 8K landscape. It currently has a diverse portfolio of 8K device chipsets, spanning video capture, video encoding/decoding, 8K TV, 8K display driver, and TCON chipsets. This means that the powerhouse 8K chipset supplier is poised to bolster R&D and innovation of corresponding products in the industry. Industry development goes beyond technology development and is more about the closed-loop system and business success in order that stakeholders in the entire industry chain can achieve business profits and continuously reinvest in the industry. Therefore, the industry chain needs to actively promote the closed-loop system for delivering 8K to homes.

海思 | 8K入户,让梦想照进家庭

Diverse portfolio of device-side 8K chipsets bolstering 8K product innovation

HiSilicon is contributing in three ways to delivering 8K to homes:

Technical standards:
HiSilicon encourages the improvement of next-generation UHD technology standards, including AVS3, HDR Vivid ChinaDRM, and 3D Audio.

User experience:
HiSilicon is pushing for the overall improvement of the 8K entertainment video experience and focuses on innovative user experience brought by 8K, such as AR and VR.

Cooperation with partners:
HiSilicon partners with other stakeholders across the 8K industry chain, covering content production, device development, formulation of experience-focused standards, and national policy support. With the joint efforts of the industry chain, HiSilicon has gone to great lengths to deliver 8K to every home.

8K takes the video experience to the next level and is critical in the deployment of AI in the media and smart home space. For example, "Wushu Performance: Heroes of Heaven And Earth" in the 2021 Spring Festival Gala wowed the audience with 360-degree panoramic views captured by 100 HiSilicon chipset–powered cameras. During the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, MR glasses assisted People's Daily reporters in interviews, filming, and recording for greatly improved productivity.

海思 | 8K入户,让梦想照进家庭

A smarter home experience, fed by 8K+AI+high-performance short-range technology

The outlook for 8K is promising: Together with AI, and other futuristic technology, 8K is gearing up to fuel the next smart home experience.