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HiSilicon 8K@120 Chipset Earns CCBN2021 Outstanding Product Innovation Award

May 27, 2021

HiSilicon 8K@120 Chipset Earns CCBN2021 Outstanding Product Innovation Award

[Beijing, China, May 27, 2021] HiSilicon (Shanghai) takes home the CCBN Outstanding Product Innovation Award for its Hi3796C V300 8K chipset, at the CCBN2021 (the 28th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition) held at the China International Exhibition Center.

The HiSilicon Hi3796C V300 8K chipset is designed for next-generation 8K STBs and TVs produced by world-leading carriers, and household STB and TV brands. It stands out in four key ways:

1. As the first chipset to support 8Kp120 decoding: Bolstered by world-class decoding technology and an innovative system architecture design, the chipset is capable of handling a streamlined 8Kp120 decoding process. Its performance has been validated during the live coverage of several high-profile events, including China Media Group's 2021 Spring Festival Gala.

2. As the first chipset to support AVS3 decoding: AVS3 is the third generation of the Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS), developed by the China AVS workgroup for 8K UHD videos. Compared to H.265, this standard offers 36% better compression efficiency. Hi3796C V300 is an AVS3 implementation on the SoC — the culmination of HiSilicon and AVS workgroup's joint efforts, put into practice at the 2021 Spring Festival Gala.

3. Built-in high-performance NPU: As the first chipset to pack a neural processing unit (NPU) with UHD capabilities, HiSilicon's solution offers computing power of up to 4T. It stands to help content partners, carriers, and product developers incorporate AI innovations, such as intelligent interactions, gesture/posture recognition, and content recommendations.

4. Industry-leading UHD picture quality: Similar to other members of HiSilicon's smart TV main processing chipset lineup, the chipset supports HDR, AI PQ, motion estimation and motion compensation (MEMC), and a range of different resolutions (from FHD to 4K/8K). It also allows for video upscaling powered by AI and big data, which results in enhanced video resolution with natural video details and colors.

HiSilicon 8K@120 Chipset Earns CCBN2021 Outstanding Product Innovation Award

A diverse array of application scenarios:

1. Stunning audiovisual experience: Real-time live video streaming of 8Kp120 (AVS3/H.265) — 120 fps being the smoothest frame rate in the industry, split-screen mode — concurrent preview of four channels of 4K@60 videos, Picture in Picture (PiP) mode — the small window can show another video feed when the full screen is showing a 4K@60 video, or the next episode preview while the full screen is showing a video on demand in 8Kp120 (AVS3/H.265), AI super resolution, DSP-based Histen sound effect enhancement, 5 meters of far-field voice capture — DSP-powered speech recognition with an accuracy rate of over 95%, and an extraordinary level of detail.

2. Smart lifestyle services: Recommendation of content, products, and services based on facial recognition; NPU-based device control and virtual dressing; interconnected e-commerce, audio, and smart home services (such as HarmonyOS Connect, AndLink, and e-Link).

3. Identity authentication: Personalized STB configuration and recommendation, authorization of smart home controls, and online payments, with facial and voiceprint recognition technologies.

4. Internet calling: 4K@p60 UHD video calling with support for multiple parties, beauty mode, virtual accessories, virtual backgrounds, virtual 3D modeling, virtual try-ons, and 5 meters of far-field voice capture.

The Outstanding Product Innovation Award is a recognition of HiSilicon's ongoing innovation and active involvement in the 8K space. As the only 8K chipset to earn the CCBN award, HiSilicon's product has become a fixture in 8K STBs, which have been deployed across China, thanks to their prominent use by CCTV, CMG, and other parties. China's 8K industry holds great promise, bolstered by maturing technologies across the value chain and the blistering-fast pace of innovation to 8K devices. HiSilicon looks forward to working with a broader range of partners, to breathe new life into an already vibrant industry.

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