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HiSilicon Enables Smart Devices for All Scenarios

Jan 07, 2021

HiSilicon Enables Smart Devices for All Scenarios

2,500 years ago,
when the robot Talos was said to have been designed by Hephaestus,
the God of Fire,
our world has become increasingly smart since then, though not without its challenges.
In recent decades,
AI has been defined by neural mathematical models
and the Turing test.
Looking forward,
humans and machines will continue to learn from each other, and converge in unexpected ways,
to help reimagine our world.

helps bring us closer to our long-held dreams
and enables smart devices
for a fully connected, intelligent world.

powers the smart homes of tomorrow
and helps us bridge the language gap and close the distance,
bringing people together in the vast world.

has also helped construct infrastructure in the smart cities of the future.
Even everyday objects are linked,
and we all benefit from ubiquitous connectivity.

will also do its part to ensure a harmonious coexistence
between human beings and the natural world.
HiSilicon helps conserve
pristine natural environments,
where wildlife can flourish.

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