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HiSilicon 8K Harnesses Smart Home Solutions on CBN's Behalf

Mar 30, 2020

HiSilicon 8K Harnesses Smart Home Solutions on CBN's Behalf

[ShangHai, China, March 2, 2020] The "unified national network" and its integrated capabilities promise to breathe life into the development of CBN. Due to fast-changing in lifestyle and daily viewing preferences, as well as fierce competition in the Internet OTT sector, and opportunities in new media convergence, CBN needs pursue innovative solutions to stand out from the competition. As a prominent partner of CBN, HiSilicon (Shanghai) is expected to supply pioneering technologies that provide the company with unique advantages. HiSilicon has emphasized the following solutions, in particular.

1 Imagination: a Sneak Peek at Tomorrow's Smart Homes

Smart homes give ordinary households the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable home life that would have been inaccessible to even the wealthiest consumers in years past, with breathtaking 8K/VR immersive scenery at a moment's notice, and an attentive and intelligent "housekeeper" at the household's beck and call. This "housekeeper" is capable of understanding voice commands, identifying family members, and collaborating with all of the smart devices in the home to provide considerate services, which use HiSilicon home network standards. Thanks to large bandwidth, low latency, and all-around coverage, HiSilicon's smart "housekeeper" can manage and collaborate with a range of different smart devices at all times. Thus, a genuine smart home experience is dependent upon smart, user-centric services and cohesive standards for connections.

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2 Discussion: What Will Smart Devices Look Like?

What capabilities should smart devices possess in the IoE era? Smart devices serve as the hub connecting the physical and virtual worlds. By perceiving the physical world, performing intelligent computing, and facilitating interactions with cloud services and other devices, smart devices determine the feedback and expression of the physical world from the user's perspective. Perception, connectivity, computing, and expression capabilities equip smart devices to implement connected and intelligent digital services in every facet of daily life, from the home, to the car, to the city at large.

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3 Analysis: What is the Future of Video Development?

As 4K has become increasingly widespread, 8K has developed at a breakneck pace. Users' desire for clearer and more vivid audiovisuals is the consistent driving force behind technological improvements in video. In 2019, driven in large part by policies in China, the 8K UHD sector advanced by leaps and bounds in such fields as standards, chips, panels, and transmission. The in-depth integration of 8K with AI will assuredly bear fruit in a myriad of different applications, spanning smart security, smart home, media, education, health care, energy, electric power, manufacturing, and autonomous driving.

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4 Opportunities and Challenges for CBN

The presence of a "unified national network" and ongoing broadcast & television network construction have helped spur the transformation from wired to IP/fiber networks. By planning and deploying 8K in advance for smart broadcasting and TV, and smart homes, upgrading the existing STBs to a next-generation smart media center, developing and pursuing in-depth convergence of 8K and AI services, CBN is in position to meet the rising expectations for smart network services, and drive the development of the industry.

In September 2019, HiSilicon officially released Hi3796C V300, the first-ever 8K+AI audiovisual flagship product, which will serve as a next-generation platform for smart home services.

Application of hi3796c V300

As an 8K+AI audiovisual flagship product, Hi3796C V300 supports the CBN smart media center for device R&D, and features the following attributes:

First-ever 8Kp120 flagship decoding solution
Built-in AI processor that supports up to 9 TOPS of computing power; innovative applications
AVS3 video decoding
Chinese TVOS3.X and future versions; building a fully-fledged TVOS ecosystem with partners
Chinese national cryptographic algorithm, ChinaDRM, and DCAS
Next-generation AI image quality enhancement technology

National network integration and new technologies have opened new doors to CBN. As a leading chip designer, HiSilicon has worked relentlessly on creating innovative video solutions, harnessing boundless 8K capabilities and smart home solutions to help CBN assume its place as an agent of innovation among the top-4 telecom providers in China.

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