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HiSilicon & Changhong Revolutionize Home Entertainment, with 5G+8K TV

Apr 23, 2020

HiSilicon (Shanghai) and Changhong Holding Group have jointly released 8K TVs that support 5G. As a result of their collaboration, the two parties have made considerable achievements in the area of 5G+8K, providing consumers with immersive audiovisual experiences and refreshing the home entertainment market.

HiSilicon chip

5G connectivity: Improving the user experience

HiSilicon has been investing in chipset R&D and technological innovation for a long time. In the ultra-HD field, the company was the first to create video technologies such as 8K and VR which featured 5G high bandwidth and low latency. The 5G+8K solution provides ultra-HD and low-latency video for smart TVs in the home. Users can play somatosensory games with relatives who are thousands of miles away. By watching real-time videos with AR effects on TVs, they can also enjoy scenery and historical sites around the world without going outdoors.

8K audio and video, reshaping entertainment

8K growth trend

As an advocate of ultra-HD video technologies, HiSilicon provides 8K chipset solutions, covering video capture, encoding, transmission, decoding, and display. The HiSilicon octa-core CPU design supports mainstream standards such as 8K@120 Hz and AVS3. The image quality is higher, and the details of the bright and dark regions are richer. The solution also greatly improves energy efficiency and computing performance. HiSilicon's unique AI capabilities support intelligent scenario features such as skeleton recognition, facial recognition, and gesture recognition, revolutionizing traditional audiovisual interactions. This greatly improves product intelligence, and creates a totally new home entertainment experience.

HiSilicon will continue to work with Changhong to jointly promote the development of an ultra-HD audio and video ecosystem in the 5G era. Through the innovation and development of 5G+8K, the two companies are committed to building an ultra-HD video industry together.

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