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HiSilicon AI ISP Debuts, with Groundbreaking Capabilities


[Shenzhen, China, December 26, 2021] HiSilicon unveiled HiSilicon AI ISP, a next-generation smart image signal processor (ISP) for the Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices, at the China Public Security Expo (CPSE), held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (SZCEC) from December 26 to 29, 2021. This latest release follows on the myriad of trailblazing technologies and solutions HiSilicon has developed for industry partners, and will have enormous implications for the industry at large.

Highlight #1: The Debut of HiSilicon AI ISP

HiSilicon AI ISP incorporates picture quality (PQ) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, setting a new benchmark for image quality and introducing a new smart paradigm. This technology can be implemented in a broad range of smart IoT devices that require visual perception. The HiSilicon exhibition area unveiled the five key capabilities behind HiSilicon AI ISP, showcasing how the new solutions transcend the limits of traditional technologies to make images smarter and clearer at all times.

HiSilicon AI ISP is the new gold standard for image quality

HiSilicon AI ISP is the new gold standard for image quality

Highlight #2: First HiSilicon Image Lab Showcase

HiSilicon showcased its dark image lab in the CPSE for the first time, creating an immersive experience that harnesses the latest image technology. Within the dark image lab, HiSilicon AI ISP's ultra-light sensitive noise reduction technology utilizes neural networks in deep learning to remove noise in low light conditions, resulting in industry-leading image clarity. HiSilicon AI ISP also leverages multi-spectral fusion technology, which combines visible and infrared spectra, to balance color and detail, fully capturing vibrant real world settings.

HiSilicon AI ISP generates color imagery, even in low light conditions

HiSilicon AI ISP generates colorful imagery, even in low light conditions

Highlight #3: Next-Generation Intelligent Analysis Engine

The HiSilicon intelligent analysis engine consists of a neural network processing unit (NPU) and a vision processing unit (VPU). The on-device NPU achieves industry-leading performance, power, area (PPA), thanks to a brand-new architecture and seamless hardware-software collaboration. The VPU packs in more high-performance hardware-based OpenCV operators. The two units mutually reinforce each other, powering end-to-end AI solutions and smart devices across all sectors, and injecting new life into industry.

AI+ mining car experience area

AI+ mining car experience area

Feel free to visit the HiSilicon exhibition area in 1B35, Hall 1 at the SZCEC, to learn more!