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HUAWEI First to Offer Full Range of WiFi 6+ Solutions

[February 24, 2020, Barcelona, Spain] Richard Yu, CEO of HUAWEI's Consumer BG, officially unveiled the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of WiFi 6+ solutions, including the Kirin W650 mobile WiFi chip and home WiFi chip series GigaHome 650, which are equipped to meet the diverse requirements of HUAWEI smartphone and terminal device users, enriching their lives by deploying easy to access, blistering fast wireless connections at all times.

The greater diversity in connected devices, ranging from smartphones and laptops to IoT household devices, has led to congested WiFi networks. WiFi 6, the updated WiFi standard in 2019, provides a remedy. It utilizes advanced technologies, such as orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), 1024-state quadrature amplitude modulation (1024-QAM), and Target Wake Time (TWT), to facilitate faster connections, which also help extend the battery life of connected devices. With WiFi 6, channels can be shared in densely connected environments with multiple users and terminals, enhancing network efficiency and lowering latency for both uplink and downlink traffic.

Using the abundance of cutting-edge technologies in WiFi 6 as a springboard, HUAWEI introduced the first-ever portfolio of WiFi 6+ solutions, which are tailored for a new era of smartphone-bolstered connectivity and smart home features.

Kirin W650: the first-ever mobile WiFi 6+ chip

In indoor environments, such as the home and office, smartphone users tend to prefer wireless connections, due to their speed and stability. As the first WiFi 6+ chip designed specifically for smartphones, Kirin W650 supports up to 160 MHz of frequency bandwidth at a peak rate of 2.4 Gbit/s, twice the level of industry specification. Kirin W650 and GigaHome 650 represent the culmination of HUAWEI's efforts to develop a bona fide end-to-end networking solution. Innovative dynamic narrow bandwidth technology seamlessly adjusts the bandwidth in environments with poor WiFi signals, and delivers more stable connections across the board, with a staggering 6 dB improvement in performance. Devices powered by this technology are capable of passing through an additional wall or obstruction, when compared with equivalent devices that do not support dynamic narrow bandwidth. HiEX® terminal-pipe synergy powers smooth user experience on smartphones and smart home applications, with dynamic interference avoidance, which reduces air-interface latency by 50% in multi-player gaming and online learning scenarios.

Kirin W650 employs Bluetooth Ultra High-Definition (BT-UHD) technology, which provides skyrocketing transfer rates three times as high as that of standard Bluetooth, support for UHD and lossless audio, as well as instant content transfers from phones to Bluetooth devices, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. The chip also supports Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) with the widest available satellite standard coverage up to now and enables real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning that is repeatedly accurate down to the sub-meter level.

GigaHome 650: a comprehensive portfolio of home WiFi 6+ solutions.

In order to support a diverse range of connected devices, from those requiring soaring peak performance to others that require low latency, across all conceivable smart homes scenarios. HUAWEI has rolled out the GigaHome 650 home router chipset that includes the WiFi chip, power line communication (PLC) chip, and CPU chip.

The WiFi chip supports up to 3 Gbit/s peak throughput, at a peak frequency bandwidth of 160 MHz with two antennas. It was inspired by HUAWEI's own 5G algorithms, and innovates computation for such attributes as interference avoidance and multi-user scheduling, offering premium performance while integrating 2G and 5G dual-band support in one single chip.

The PLC chip applies to Hybrid Mesh WiFi systems. Network data can be transmitted over home power lines, as well as through WiFi channels, with increased networking stability alongside reduced latency. Supporting the protocol and backed by HUAWEI's dynamic windowing and live-neutral-and-earth (L-N-E) triple-mode technologies, GigaHome 650 provides for more consistent WiFi connections in distributed WiFi systems with bolstered interference avoidance capabilities.

Operating at up to 1.4 GHz, the quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU chip is physically built in with a WiFi offloading unit that provides robust computing power for diverse applications installed on the router while allowing a maximum bandwidth of 3 Gbit/s, with a premium level of data security guaranteed by the TrustZone technology.

Powered by Kirin W650 and GigaHome 650 solutions, HUAWEI's soon-to-be-released smartphones, routers, and other terminal devices will raise the bar for WiFi connectivity on a daily basis, which will have enormous implications for Internet calling, online gaming, streaming video, online learning, and even working from home – delivering the seamless, universal WiFi coverage to homes and businesses around the world.