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HiSilicon Pioneers Multi-dimensional Convergence to Turbocharge the XR Industry


[Nanchang, China, October 20, 2021] Qu Yaxin, General Manager of the HiSilicon (Shanghai) Smart Media Product Line, shared key insights on how HiSilicon can contribute to the XR industry, at the 2021 World Conference on VR Industry. In his keynote speech entitled "Convergence of 8K UHD with AI: Engine of Growth for the XR Industry," Qu noted, "As the XR industry is experiencing rapid growth, HiSilicon will continue to invest in fields that XR benefits most from — chipset solutions, interactive and spatial algorithms, 8K display/content production, AI applications, high-speed connectivity, next-generation ISPs, and more. By drawing on convergence and interdisciplinarity in innovation, HiSilicon can help blaze a new trail for the XR industry as a whole."

Multi-dimensional Convergence Technologies: Injecting New Momentum to XR

XR has entered the mainstream, thanks to the flourishing XR 2B market – brought by digital transformation of industries, increasing demand for multi-dimensional presentation with virtual and real combination, and emerging technologies, such as 8K codec, display, rendering, and optics. XR has been embraced by entertainment, education, health care, manufacturing, culture, and travel sectors, and the list only continues to grow. Visual experience is expected to evolve from planar vision to an optimized three-dimensional spatial vision. This calls for technological convergence and multi-capability innovation with the goal of producing stronger computing power, higher resolutions, higher-speed connectivity, and multi-dimensional sensing.

HiSilicon's Efforts to Drive XR Growth: Continued Convergence and Interdisciplinarity in Innovation

End-to-End 8K Enables Deeply Immersive XR

HiSilicon provides full-link 8K end-to-end capabilities from image capture and encoding, to transmission, decoding, and display. Thanks to these capabilities, consumers can receive XR content and experience in genuine binocular 8K splendor, without being distracted by any screen door effect (SDE).

Da Vinci AI Engine Allows for Smarter Scene Recognition and Application Upgrades in XR

HiSilicon's next-generation Da Vinci AI Engine, backed by customized hardware circuits and more efficient neural network data processing, boosts XR performance in terms of scene recognition, gaming, and image quality. HiSilicon has also customized computer vision (CV) algorithms for XR scenarios, such as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and eye tracking, to accelerate the development of XR interactions and other spatial computing applications.

Combination of WAN and Short-Range Communications Provides for All-Scenario, Fully-Connected XR Services

In today's applications, AR is mainly used indoors, whereas VR is used outdoors. To deliver a premium connected experience in all environments, HiSilicon provides a one-stop solution that encompasses baseband to RF, as well as a high-bandwidth, low-latency, and low-power WiFi 6 solution.

SuperSensing Image Processing Engine Ups the Ante for XR

XR use cases typically involve access from multiple cameras, processing/stitching of UHD camera images, AI vision, and remote assistance. To better accommodate consumer needs, HiSilicon has proposed more XR-targeted, next-level ISPs. By capitalizing on HiSilicon's prowess in smart vision, the ISPs offer standout UHD, noise reduction in ultra-low light, and digital image stabilization (DIS) performance.

In his speech, Qu noted HiSilicon's milestones in XR, which include: its first-ever 8K XR platform in 2020, XR Engine V1.0 in 2021 – which comes with SLAM, AI vision, and low-power rendering, and XR products that are the culmination of HiSilicon's fruitful partnerships.

HiSilicon will continue to invest in XR, as the XR industry gains steam in the coming years. From building industry standards, such as the AI- and CV-based XR platform, audio and video, UHD, and miniaturized interfaces, and teaming up with industry partners, thanks to such facilities as its joint innovation center, HiSilicon is well on its way to revolutionizing the entire sector.