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Lierda Launches NB860, Another HiSilicon NB-IoT Chipset Powered Module

[ShangHai, China, February 21, 2021] HiSilicon has long been a powerhouse NB-IoT module maker in the mobile IoT landscape, and now has welcomed a new HiSilicon-powered module into the fold.

Lierda Launches NB860, Another HiSilicon NB-IoT Chipset Powered Module

In 2021, Lierda launched its third-generation ultra-low power NB-IoT module — NB860. As the successor to NB05-01 and NB86-G, both of which were built on HiSilicon's previous NB-IoT chipset solutions, this release represents a landmark achievement in the mobile IoT field.

The NB860 is a highly integrated, ultra-low power NB-IoT module that offers full frequency support. It comes in a compact form of 20 mm x 16 mm x 2.2 mm (L x W x H), and is compatible with the NB86-G series package, to facilitate seamless switching and upgrading from its predecessors.

The NB860's ample peripheral interfaces and support for a wider range of network protocols mean that development and implementation will get substantially easier.

As a bolstered version of the NB86-G series, the NB860 delivers the following highlights:

Integration Packs PA/power management chip/BLE 5.0/GNSS into a sleek form factor
Cost-effectiveness Offers tremendous value
Security Utilizes an independent security CPU and hardware security mechanism
Operating voltage Capable of running at voltages as low as 2.1 V
Power consumption Consumes less power, by supporting the ongoing evolution of R14, R15, and R16 standards
Bluetooth Supports BLE 5.0, facilitating near-field configuration and maintenance for meters, smoke sensors, and other NB-IoT devices
GNSS positioning Supports GNSS positioning, for logistics tracking, asset management, and location of children/elderly people
OpenCPU Delivers enhanced OpenCPU capabilities to facilitate higher-level development
Network protocols Complies with a greater range of network protocols, such as MQTT, for diverse applications

The arrival of the NB860 offers the promise for NB-IoT applications to reach tens of millions of users. It can drive the adoption of smart metering, while also supporting a diverse array of NB-IoT applications in the real world, such as those related to smoke detection, smart parking, smart city management, and bicycle-sharing.

Lierda Launches NB860, Another HiSilicon NB-IoT Chipset Powered Module

The NB860 is expected to be mass produced in May 2021, after a sample test in March.