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Quectel Launches Third-Generation NB-IoT Modules

[ShangHai, China, February 20, 2021] On February 20, 2021, Quectel officially launched its third-generation 5G NB-IoT series modules: BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV. Powered by the HiSilicon Boudica 200 chipset, the two modules provide for substantially improved performance, security, and power efficiency, and are remarkably space efficient as well, packing Bluetooth, OpenCPU, GNSS positioning, and a treasure trove of other features into a compact body. The modules are ideal for full-fledged NB-IoT applications that involve millions of connections, such as smart meters, smoke sensors, smart parking and smart streetlight services, helping apply innovative IoT applications in everyday life.

Quectel Launches Third-Generation NB-IoT Modules

50% Reduced Power for Typical Applications

Technically speaking, the BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV support the continually evolving 3GPP R14, R15, and R16 standards, as well as data transmission on FDD-LTE B3/B5/B8.

The two modules have been optimized for enhanced power efficiency – a leading concern for IoT applications. In typical applications, the BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV consume 50% less power than their predecessors, significantly boosting device battery life.


Worth noting as well is that Quectel's third-generation NB-IoT modules integrate BLE 5.0 technology. This means that near-field maintenance for NB-IoT devices (such as meters, smoke sensors, and shared bicycles) is now much easier.

The seamless blend of NB-IoT and Bluetooth functionality allows customers to configure and update NB-IoT devices via Bluetooth, and consumers to access NB-IoT devices (such as reading data and closing valves) from their phones with greater ease via Bluetooth.

Quectel Launches Third-Generation NB-IoT Modules

Thanks to their GNSS support, Quectel's new modules feature standout asset tracking, and pet/people location, as well as stellar performance for other positioning-related NB-IoT applications.

Enhanced OpenCPU Capabilities

For customers who hope to carry on secondary development, Quectel provides a premium version with enhanced OpenCPU capabilities, complete with 256 KB of flash memory, 64 KB of DDR SDRAM, and ample APIs and sample code.

In terms of security, the BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV use independent security CPU and hardware security mechanisms to offer high-level safeguards.

Quectel Launches Third-Generation NB-IoT Modules

High Backwards Compatibility

The package design of the BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV is highly compatible with the previous NB-IoT and 2G modules – BC35-G/BC95 R2.0/BC28/M35/M26, facilitating the smooth upgrading of customer products. By integrating the lightweight SIM function, the BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV require less of a footprint in devices, further reducing costs.

Sun Yanming, deputy general manager of Quectel, expressed optimism at the new releases, noting, "Quectel NB-IoT modules have drawn early acclaim for their high stability and reliability, and have been deployed widely around the world. They enable tens of millions of wireless connections. The third-generation modules developed based on HiSilicon Boudica 200 not only improve the overall performance, but also greatly reduce costs. They promise to inject new vitality into the LPWAN market. Quectel will continue to work with HiSilicon to blaze a new trail in the NB-IoT industry, and breathe new life into downstream industries."

Quectel's BC95-CNV and BC28-CNV are expected to be mass produced in May 2021, following a sample test in March.