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HiSilicon and Sichuan Telecom Jointly Launch 8K+VR/AR Smart Media Devices

HiSilicon (Shanghai) has joined hands with Sichuan Telecom and industry partners to launch an array of all-new home media devices that support 8K+VR/AR, announcing the news at the Digital Sichuan Cloud Conference and the 7th 5G Dual-Gigabit and IPTV UHD Conference. The partnership aims to provide consumers with a newly immersive audiovisual experience, characterized by higher-resolution and innovative viewing.

Adhering to the principle of "core chipsets enabler", HiSilicon has long been committed to R&D and innovative technologies, particularly in the UHD field. It has helped pioneer the in-depth convergence of such technologies as 8K, VR, and AR, and unveiled trailblazing 8K+VR/AR solutions. Sichuan Telecom has been an early proponent of 5G and dual-gigabit optical networks, helping drive innovative solutions, such as 8K UHD video devices, accelerating the rollout of 4K/8K applications, and promoting IPTV UHD home services on a broad scale. As the exclusive chipset partner for 8K smart devices, HiSilicon has worked closely with Sichuan Telecom to provide cutting-edge 8K audiovisuals and VR/AR immersion for Sichuan Telecom's customers.


Sterling 8K Audiovisuals

Hi3796C V300 is an audiovisual flagship chipset that supports 8Kp120 decoding, as well as 8Kp120 video viewing, multi-view 4 channels of 4K, 4K UI, CUVA HDR, super-resolution, and AVS3. It delivers clearer, brighter and more detailed imagery, producing a newly-immersive user experience. In addition, HiSilicon's AI architecture can be applied across a broad range of intelligent scenarios, including skeletal recognition, facial recognition, and gesture recognition, redefining traditional notions for audiovisual interaction, equipping products with smarter capabilities, and producing a brand-new home entertainment experience.


VR/AR, Seamlessly Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds

Consumers can also experience VR/AR applications by connecting to independent VR/AR glasses. VR services support 8Kp120 decoding, 4K display output, 94° field of view (FOV), 3D panoramic sound, and wireless projection, which allows them to enjoy UHD and lag-free viewing from the comfort of home.

AR services support 720p resolution, 40° FOV, 60 Hz refresh rate, and 8 megapixel optical image stabilization (OIS) cameras. AR glasses provide experience equivalent to that brought by a real 110-inch 3D cinema screen 4 meters away, allowing consumers to enjoy immersive viewing and exhilarating entertainment.

HiSilicon will continue to spare no effort in building a full-scale UHD audiovisual ecosystem for the 5G era, by working with partners across the industry and developing 5G+8K+VR/AR applications.