HUAWEI Ascend 910

This AI-based high-integration SoC processor delivers 320 TFLOPS@FP16 and 640 TOPS@INT8 of computing performance with just 310 W of max power consumption. Such a massive boost in power efficiency is achieved thanks to HUAWEI's own Da Vinci Architecture. In addition to the Da Vinci AI cores, HUAWEI Ascend 910 integrates CPUs, DVPP, and Task Scheduler, and self-manages to maximize its high computing power. Meanwhile, HCCS, PCIe 4.0, and RoCE v2 flexibly and efficiently build scale-up and scale-out systems. HCCS is HUAWEI's in-house high-speed interface interconnecting HUAWEI Ascend 910 Processors, on-chip RoCE interconnects nodes directly, and PCIe 4.0 doubles throughput compared to previous generations.

HUAWEI Da Vinci NPU architecture

640 TOPS@INT8, 320 TFLOPS@FP16

Max power 310 W

Key Features

  • Architecture

    • HUAWEI Da Vinci
  • Computing Engine

    • 3D Cube
  • Performance

    • 320 TFLOPS@FP16
    • 640 TOPS@INT8
  • Max Power

    • 310 W
  • Process

    • N7+

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