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Kunpeng 920

Kunpeng 920 is the industry's leading-edge Arm-based server CPU. Utilizing cutting-edge 7 nm processes, the CPU was independently designed by HUAWEI based on the Arm architecture license. Processor performance is significantly improved by optimizing branch prediction algorithms, increasing the number of execution units, and improving the memory subsystem architecture. At typical frequencies, Kunpeng 920 CPU scores more than an estimated 930 on SPECint®_rate_base2006, while power efficiency is 30% better than that offered by its industry counterparts. Kunpeng 920 provides much higher computing performance for data centers while slashing power consumption.
  • First-generation Kirin solution

  • 28 nm HPM process, quad-core architecture, Mali-450 GPU

  • Optimized for LTE Cat 4

Key Features

• ARMv8.2
• Up to 64
Typical Frequency
• 2.6 GHz / 3.0 GHz
• 8 DDR4 channels
Coherent Interconnect
• 2S&4S
• PCIe 4.0, CCIX, 100G, SAS/SATA 3.0
Max Power
• 180 W
• 7 nm

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