Boudica 150

HiSilicon Boudica 150 complies with 3GPP Release 13 and Release 14. It integrates the microcontroller unit (MCU), memories, and diverse peripheral interfaces, and operates at frequencies of 698–960 MHz and 1695–2180 MHz. The modules produced using ultra-low power Boudica 150 are approved by many operators to deploy on their networks. These NB-IoT devices cover a wide range of applications, such as smart metering, smart city, traffic management, security and asset tracking, environmental monitoring, telehealth, and smart smoke sensors.

3GPP R14 and ultra-low power consumption

Stability and reliability at scale

Used by over 70 mainstream carriers

Key Features

  • Highly Integrated NB-IoT Chip Solution

    • Single-die integrating functions such as the radio transceiver, baseband, application processor, and PMU
    • Easy connection with the external FEM or components such as PA, filter, and switch
    • RF front end controlled by MIPI/GPIO
    • Frequency ranges: 698–960 MHz and 1695–2180 MHz
    • 3x Arm Cortex-M0 processors, including the protocol, security, and application processors
    • Transmit power classes: 14 dBm, 20 dBm, and 23 dBm
    • Integrated flash, SRAM, ROM, and OTP secure unit
    • Integrated PMU, allowing direct power supply to the chip
    • Integrated TSensors and peripheral interfaces
    • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Digital Interfaces

    • Configurable GPIO x 40
    • UART x 4
    • SPI x 2
    • I2C x 2
    • PWM x 2
    • Low-power UART
    • SIM and SWD
  • Analog Interfaces

    • 10-bit ADC
    • 10-bit DAC
    • 2x comparators
    • Capacitive touch sensor
    • 3-bit programmable current source
    • TSensor
    • Battery voltage sensor
  • Software Features and SDK/RDK

    • 3GPP R13/14 NB-IoT communication protocols
    • IPv4, IPv6, and Non-IP data
    • Secure boot, secure FOTA, and secure upgrade
    • SDK/RDK development environments
    • Easy-to-use calibration, download, verification, and debug tools

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