Boudica 200

HiSilicon Boudica 200 provides a highly integrated and power efficient LPWA IoT solution, which complies with 3GPP NB-IoT specifications Rel-13/14/15/R16. Boudica 200 is a new member of the popular NB-IoT Boudica family. Built with the state-of-the-art technologies, Boudica 200 has 3 CPUs for applications, protocol and security, which provide the ultimate performance, as well as the best-in-class security. Compared with previous Boudica members, Boudica 200 not only has baseband, RF transceiver, but also integrates power amplifier, iSIM, power management unit and memories. With all these functions in one Boudica 200 chip, the overall EBOM and module product size can be significant reduced. Boudica 200 also supports BLE5.0 to better support near-end maintenance. GNSS is another new positioning feature in Boudica 200 besides OTDOA/ECID to enable more versatile applications. The ultra-low power design is applied at system level, in the different 3GPP modes of operation (DRX/eDRX/PSM), which effectivly reduces power consumption and extends the battery life.

Highly Integrated with baseband, RF transciver, PA, iSIM, PMU and memories

Ultra low power consumption

Support BLE 5.0 and GNSS positioning

Key Features

  • Basice feature

    • Three CPUs inside, frequency up to 80MHz
    • Support 3GPP R13/R14/R15/R16
    • Support Cat-NB1 and Cat-NB2
    • Global 3GPP NB-IoT frequency band including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 31, 65, 66, 70, 71, 72, 73 and 85
    • Support BLE5.0
    • Support GNSS positioning technology
    • Integrated with baseband, PMU, RF transciver, PA and iSIM
    • Wide voltage range from 2.1V~4.2V
    • Operation temperatature:-40℃~85 ℃
    • Ultra low power comsumption
  • Peripherals

    • Up to 40 PIOs
    • Support multiple voltage range from 1.8V~3.3V
    • Up to three standard UARTs with max band rates 4Mbps
    • One Low-Power UART, max band rate 115200, which is available in deep-sleep mode
    • Standard PWM*2
    • One AO PWM, which is available in deep-sleep mode
    • Master/Slave SPI*3
    • I2C*4
    • 8-Channel DMA*2
    • Two programmable-threshold interrupt comparators
    • Capacitive touch sensor
    • 12-bit 5-channel ADC
    • 10-bit DAC
    • Battery voltage sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • Voltage reference
  • Security

    • With dedicated security processor, the integrated SIM can compliant with nuSIM secure standard of DT and Chinese smart card secure standard
    • Secure boot
    • Secure firmware upgrade
    • Secure storage
    • Secure debug
    • TRNG
    • Hardware cryptography: AES, SHA, MlLENAGE, ECC, RSA
  • Application Protocol

    • Support OpenCPU, with SDK development environment provided
    • Support IPV4/V6, NON-IP
    • DTLS, DTLS+, TLS and SSL
    • Support OceanConnect, OneNet and Ctwing IOT platform
    • FOTA

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