Hi3921SV100 is an integrated high-/low-speed multi-mode power line carrier communication modem and high-performance application processor core. It is perfect for power line-based applications, such as smart homes, industrial control, and lighting.

Powerful anti-interference for OEM smart home applications

Multiple frequency bands and automatic fast networking/communication

Highly integrated and lean peripheral circuit design

Key Features

  • Communications

    • Peak rate at the physical layer: 0.507 Mbit/s
    • Receiver sensitivity: > 0.2 mVpp
  • Power Consumption

    • Static power consumption (SoC): ≤ 50 mW
  • Physical Layer Features

    • Implementation of the IEEE 1901.1 standard, enabling the SoC to interconnect and communicate with other equivalent SoCs
    • Three frequency bands: 1.6–6 MHz, ≤ 500 kHz, and ≤ 150 kHz, with subcarriers configurable
    • OFDM, supporting BPSK and QPSK modulation modes
    • Powerful forward error correction (FEC) and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) capabilities
  • MAC Features

    • TDMA and CSMA/CA, offering the conflict avoidance mechanism
    • Data segmentation and reassembly, improving transmission efficiency
    • Data retransmission mechanism
    • Four levels of QoS, meeting the service quality requirements of different services
  • Networking Features

    • Automatic fast networking within 10 seconds in a typical scenario with 500 nodes on a 2-layer network
    • Dynamic routing and multi-path addressing
  • CPU

    • High-performance Cortex-M3 processor operating at 200 MHz
    • Embedded 256 KB SRAM
  • Peripheral Interfaces

    • 2x SPIs, 1x I2C interface, 2x UART interfaces, 2x PGA interfaces, 6x GPIO interfaces, 1x 12-bit 4-channel AD input, and 2x PWM interfaces

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