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8K: A New Era of Smart Home Interactions


[China, Shanghai, June 29 2021] Video technologies have evolved in recent years, from SD, HD, and 4K, to 8K. 8K ultra-high definition (UHD) generates an immersive level of detail and true-to-life colors, creating a premium viewing experience that's uncannily similar to how we naturally perceive our world. 8K technology works seamlessly with artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to unlock a broad array of smart lifestyle services, taking smart home interactions to a whole new level.

Never-Before-Seen 8K

8K UHD is not just a solution that results in more pixels. It represents immersive audiovisuals across the board, a truly breakthrough technology in the burgeoning omnimedia era. With its state-of-the-art content display, 8K renders our surroundings in vivid splendor, bridging the gap between real and virtual worlds.

Meticulous level of detail: 8K contains more than 33 megapixels within a single image, uncovering details down to the millisecond level.

Meticulous level of detail

Rich colors: 8K is HDR Vivid-compliant, and delivers 12-bit color depth, substantially broadening the coverage of the wide dynamic range (WDR) and wide color gamut (WCG). 8K produces imagery that's more lifelike than ever, characterized by a wider range of colors and optimized contrasts between bright and dark regions.

Rich colors

Broader field of view: 8K TVs offer a 3x broader field of view (FOV) than a same-sized HD TV at an optimal viewing distance. This allows viewers to truly immerse themselves in the scene, and plunge right into enriching digital settings.

Broader field of view

8K Puts Smart Home Interactions Center Stage

8K UHD makes virtual worlds so real it's unreal. The convergence of 8K with other emerging technologies like AI and IoT, has set the stage for a new smart home paradigm. Users will soon to be able to participate in immersive activities from the comfort of home: attending concerts, working remotely, taking online classes, playing VR games, exercising, and so much more.

HiSilicon On-device 8K Solutions

By leveraging powerful media processing and robust computing capabilities, HiSilicon has been the first to launch a full series of 8K UHD chipsets dedicated to smart home scenarios, and bolstered by 8K@P120, 8K+AI, 4K Pro, and PQ enhancement. HiSilicon products range from UHD cameras, smart displays, smart set-top boxes (STBs), mini smart displays, and interactive whiteboards (IWBs), to much, much more. HiSilicon capabilities span the full breadth of the value chain, including video capture, encoding, decoding, transmission, and UHD display.

HiSilicon On-device 8K Solutions

HiSilicon looks forward to teaming up with partners throughout the industry, to further its commitment to 8K innovation and commercialization.