Unique Experiences with E-Cockpits


Although automobiles have been around for more than a century, it's only recently that they've become electric-powered, intelligent, and connected. This phenomenon has redefined the relationship between humans and vehicles, freeing drivers from tedious driving, and entertaining passengers during otherwise boring trips. AI and audiovisual technologies have incorporated a groundbreaking human-computer interactive system into the e-cockpit. Smart vision technology equips this e-cockpit to provide real-time safety notifications and intelligent AR navigation. In the future, the e-cockpit will connect seamlessly to smart homes and smart offices with the support of 5G, and eventually serve as a smart mobile entertainment space for both drivers and passengers. E-cockpits will continue to improve as user expectations increase.

  • Streamlined information output system

    Streamlined information output system

    A more proactive human-computer interaction system is required to ensure that drivers and passengers can use vehicle functions in an efficient manner.

  • Interactive mode to minimize driving distraction

    Interactive mode to minimize driving distraction

    Seamless interactions are needed to minimize driver distractions.


HiSilicon leads the industry in terms of smart media, AI engine, and connectivity areas, providing professional e-cockpits, center console displays, and AR-HUD solutions. We offer highly-compatible software and hardware, lowering the barrier of entry for development, and helping customers explore new services. Our solution also supports multiple vision and sound sensor inputs and multi-screen display outputs, so that Tier-1 suppliers and automobile enterprises can develop differentiated products.

  • Heterogeneous SoC architecture

    Heterogeneous SoC architecture

    Integrates a high-performance CPU and GPU, proprietary multi-core AI engine, and professional ISP to deliver an effortlessly natural AI experience.

  • Imperceptible connection

    Imperceptible connection

    Supports the latest technical standards such as WiFi 6 and BT5.x, which have been optimized from chipsets to protocols. Vehicles connect to e-cockpits imperceptibly, integrating people, vehicles, and homes across all scenarios.

  • Powerful multimedia capabilities

    Powerful multimedia capabilities

    Offers superb multimedia and 3D graphics processing capabilities by supporting diverse encoding and decoding formats, such as H.265 and AVS3.

  • Comprehensive chipset solution

    Comprehensive chipset solution

    Provides a complete solution encompassing encoding, ISP, 4G/5G, WiFi/BT/GPS/GNSS, and display drivers.

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